Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day, and I got squat. I posted my lament on Facebook (because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do now when you want to whine about something?):


BUT THEN, this morning, these were delivered to me:


Aren’t they gorgeous??? The card read “Happy Administrative Professionals Day. We appreciate you.” Naturally I felt terrible for whining on The Facebook.

When my boss came in, I asked if he had sent them. He looked genuinely perplexed, so I call him a liar and accused him of sending them, but no…he honestly didn’t know who had them delivered. I asked if maybe it was our Regional Manager, who had just been here yesterday, but he didn’t think they were from him either. All he would say was “I think I might know who it is, but I don’t want to say yet. And you’ll understand later why I won’t tell you now.”


I’m afraid it means that someone (a higher up) is going to lay a whole lot of extra work in my lap and just wants to butter me up before doing so. But for right now, I don’t even care because MY FLOWERS ARE SO PREEEEETTY!!! And they smell heavenly, too.

So, to my Mystery Manager, thank you. They are beautiful and I will work extra hard today (right after I finish writing this post). 🙂20170427_095119_resized

PS. If/when I find out who sent them, I’ll update this post!