As I stated in an earlier post, I gifted myself with an Instant Pot (or as some people call it, an “InstaPot” because apparently Instagram has ruined us all) and I have really enjoyed using it. I am gifting you with some of my favorite recipes because I am a giver and also I need blogging material.

Here are a few of the recipes I have tried that made me say “dayum that was delicous”.

One of the first recipes I tried was this Lentil Tacos recipe.  I was out of tomato sauce, so I just dumped in a bunch of salsa because I ALWAYS have salsa in my fridge. Please note that I did not fry my own tortillas because ain’t nobody got time for that. After dinner, I took the leftover lentils and put together a burrito bowl that I took to work with me the next day. It was super delicious! So easy and I can see how you could substitute these lentils in pretty much any Mexican dish.

Along those same flavor lines, one of my favorite things to make in the IP is Mexican Shredded Chicken. I don’t follow a recipe for this, I just dump in chicken breasts, some Rotel, and some chicken broth and using the Meat setting I let it cook for about 15-20 minutes (depending on how many and how big the chicken breasts are). I do a natural release for a few minutes then quick release. I shred the chicken and use in an whatever Mexican flavored dish I happen to whip up. It’s great for quesadillas, tacos, burrito bowls, or even on top of a salad. So versatile and I love to keep some in the fridge for a quick snack for the kids or an easy lunch.

Not long ago, I made a turkey meatloaf in my IP and while it didn’t really cut down on the cooking time, MAN did it have some good flavor!! I don’t know what it is about the IP but the food just seems to be so much tastier than other cooking methods. This is the recipe I went by – I don’t think I followed the recipe exactly but used it mainly as a guide for how long to cook the meat. I used my stainless steel vegetable steamer to place the loaf on and I was doubtful that it was going to turn out well but it actually worked great! I came out looking more like a meatloaf cake (meatcake?) but it was still delicious.

I’ll keep posting more recipes as I try them. I’ve got some lima beans and garbanzo beans that I want to cook in the IP and I’m sure I’ll find more recipes I want to try soon as well. If you have any favorite recipes, share them in the comments because sometimes I am lazy and don’t feel like searching Google very hard for a fun recipe. 🙂