Yeah, it’s been a little bit since I last blogged…I just couldn’t seem to find any words for awhile that were worthy of jettisoning out into cyberspace. And although I would love to tell you that I have spent the last couple of months doing something important and exciting, the truth is, I’ve just been living my normal life. I have been a little busier since January 1 than normal – I took on a project at work in which I had to stay on top of things every day so as not to get behind, and also my daughter is now playing competitive volleyball which takes us out of town for tournaments on quite a few weekends (those weekend tournaments wear me out. Who knew that watching 16 hours of volleyball could be so exhausting?) and it seems to take a few days to get my energy back. Oh, and I also started a book club! We had our first official meeting not long ago and I think it was a success. I am very excited about it.

I had toyed with the idea of starting a Shiny! New! Blog! but in the end, I just decided to stick with this old gal because she’s been with me for nearly 10 years. (!!!) I started SassyPear in September of 2007, can you believe that?? What started out as a weight loss blog has evolved into so much more than that – it’s been a place of connection, a place to meet new friends, at times it has been my therapy, and other times it has been a thorn in my side, but this blog gave me confidence borne out of a skill I didn’t even really know I had. I just thought I liked good grammar, I had no idea it would make me a decent writer.

So, I’m back. I haven’t decided how often I’ll post or what exactly I’ll post about, but I’d like to post at least once or twice a week, and it’ll probably be just me rambling about my thoughts. Hope that’s good enough because it’s all I’ve got.