It’s not even officially winter yet, but I’m already ready for spring…

because I am FREEZING all the time. Normally, I run hot, but lately, it’s All Cold All the Time. Is this how skinny people feel? You would think with this extra (extra extra) layer of fat on my bones that I’d be toasty warm, but you would be wrong. Shivery, is what I’m saying.

Also too, in addition to shivery, I’m also very DRY. My hair and skin are arid as a desert. I condition and moisturize and yet still…if you lit a match near my hands, they’d fire up like paper. Yes, I realize I need to hydrate but I don’t like drinking cold water when I’m already cold as ice, so I decided, why not drink hot water? This works like a charm for me, y’all. I seriously just grab my coffee cup, fill it with hot water (from the cooler – isn’t it ironic?) and sip away. I think I am one of those rare birds who doesn’t really care about how flavorful my beverages are – I mostly drink plain water, so drinking plain hot water doesn’t bother me a bit. I have been putting some lemon in my hot water when I get up in the mornings, but when I’m at work it’s just plain ole water. And I’ll drink 5 or 6 cups of water just while I’m at work, then I might have a couple of cups of hot tea just for fun. Having a hot drink makes me feel better during these cold days.  I should be well-hydrated soon.

The SassyPear Family is going through a Season of Crap. You know how sometimes there is a period of weeks or months when things just seem to go wrong or they feel harder than they should? Yeah, we’re going through that right now. Nothing serious or terrible, just lots of little things that keep cropping up. Just when we think we have one thing taken care of, another one pops up in its place. It gets tiring after awhile. However, I know that it’s just a season and this too shall pass. I just hope it passes quickly.









18 thoughts on “It’s not even officially winter yet, but I’m already ready for spring…

  1. I do hot water too. (Only add lemon if it is with a meal, in my opinion, insulin). And I agree, hot makes a world of difference this tweet be if year. Even in the summer, I prefer hot with meals.

    2014 was really serious problems for us. One right after the other. Really hard year. And of course that was draining.

    But it has been small things, just as you said, one right after the other, the last two years and that really wears on mind and energy too. (Boundaries and priorities is what I keep telling myself.) Some things, just have to let go. Other things have to figure out solution as best possible.

    And I realize more and more why we need to take care of ourselves so our kids are not sandwiched. We are no longer sandwiched, my mom is doing really well and is the only one left. It is hard when it is coming from both directions.

  2. Well it is summer here and we’ve been having a heatwave so I’ve been roasting under my layers of fat. But you confuse me… we’ve been summer since 01 December and surely you are the opposite in the northern hemisphere so wouldn’t you be winter already? Our summer is Dec/Jan/Feb.

    1. Winter OFFICIALLY begins December 21, so technically it’s still Fall here. But it completely feels like winter!! It seems so funny to me that your summer is our winter – I can’t imagine celebrating Christmas during a heatwave! 🙂

      1. It seems to odd to me starting a season partway through a month! But I suppose that is normal to you. Yes Christmas is summer here, often stinking hot, and on Boxing Day it’s a bit of a tradition to either have a BBQ (cook-out?) or go to the beach! Or both. I will cook a turkey for Christmas lunch because I like them but there will also be plenty of cold seafood, salads, stuff like that.

  3. Girl, I’m freezing too! I like your hot water solution…there’s only so much coffee I can drink before I’m seeing sounds. And it’s gonna get a lot colder this weekend – brrr!

    Hope things get better for your family. I feel for you – sometimes, it does seem like it’s just one thing after another that add up to constant unease.

    1. I can’t drink coffee in the afternoon, otherwise, I’m staring at the ceiling at 2:00 am. If it didn’t keep me awake, I’d probably drink coffee ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

  4. Last winter was horrible with being cold and having dry skin. I discovered in the spring that my thyroid wasn’t working. Still cold and have dry skin (I live in northern WI, after all) but not nearly as bad since we started treating that. It was -8 this morning with -23 degree windchill and there’s only so much you can do to keep warm when it’s that cold.

  5. I feel bad about your season of crap. It really does seem like the crap comes in batches.

    I am not cold yet. We’ve been getting this nice rain, but its fairly warm with the rain so far. So I get a fire going, and then all of a sudden, its too hot in the house! I LOVE drinking plain ol’ peppermint tea. I sip on that all morning (after coffee, of course!)

    1. I bought a Stash Christmas Eve tea, but I’m not sure I like it. It’s cinnamon and peppermint I think, and I’m not sure how I feel about that combo. Was it you that was telling me about Candy Cane tea? I need some more of that – it was delicious!

  6. I am cold and dry too, but it’s not a dehydration issue as I drink gallons already!! Sigh. I have the other problem of being very hot walking around, then freezing when I sit down for a while. Oh the woes of winter!

    Good luck through Christmas, hope the rest of the year is a little less eventful and gives you all chance to re-energize.

    1. Winter is tough, isn’t it? I think you hit it when you said “re-energize” – I am feeling very low on energy (mentally & physically) but I’ll have the week off after Christmas so I plan on getting plenty of rest! Thank you!

  7. I haven’t thought about drinking hot water. I have been drinking a LOT of tea lately, but the taste hasn’t been “grabbing me”. And about the dry skin… uggh, Man, can I relate.

  8. Jill? Doing okay? Family okay?

    (We are warm weather in Indiana, I think I have had a winter coat on exactly twice now, how about you?)

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