You guys slay me. I could write the most poignant, eloquent post about self care and body image and I’d get crickets for comments…but I write a post about Most Hated Christmas Songs and you all are CLAMORING to comment!! Haha! I see how you are…I see where your interests lie. 🙂 You buncha snarky snarks! ❤ And this is why I love you. Soon we’ll do a post about the songs we love the most, so be thinking!

So, anyone have any fun Christmas parties to go to soon? Do you guys like going to your Office Christmas Party (isn’t that a movie now??) or do you dread it? The funnest work party I ever went to was when I was in college and I worked at a hippy dippy pizza place. The first year I worked there, the boss told me they try to make it extra nice and have everyone dress up. So I asked how dressy? And he said “oh you know…semi-formal”. So I’m thinking “Yay! I get to dress up!” My roommate was my Plus One and so we show up to this party – which was held in the small pizza restaurant – in semi-formal cocktail dresses. Everyone else, however, was dressed in jeans without holes. Big contrast between myself and my coworkers!! For several months after that, I was known as “The Lady in Red”. Here’s a partial pic of the dress:


Jeez, I was cute. What happened??? Oh yeah…25 years happened. *Womp womp*.

Anyway, my current workplace, for years used to treat everyone and their spouses to a nice dinner out. It was awkward and uncomfortable, but hey, free dinner! Then a couple of years ago, they said, Okay, we’ll pay for lunch, but no spouses. Then last year I think we just had a potluck in the break room. So it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a nice Christmas party, is what I’m saying. My hubs is self employed, so a work Christmas party for him would consist of he and I going to Los Cabos and having dinner and margs. Oh wait, we just did that last weekend. Oh well, it was still fun, even if we had to pay for it ourselves.

So, tell me about your office Christmas party – do you go, and if so, do you enjoy it? Is it something you look forward to or something that you just do out of obligation? Give me deets, folks…I need to live vicariously through your Holiday Parties!!!