Hey guys! I got some cool new spectacles and I love them. The best part? I paid $14 for them! FOURTEEN UNITED STATES DOLLARS. FOR GLASSES. I ordered them from Zenni (no, this isn’t a sponsored post, but hey Zenni…hit me up!) and although I can tell the frames are not the highest quality plastic that money can buy, I still like them a whole heckuva lot. And I can see out of them really well – which is why I wanted new glasses in the first place: my old ones were bifocals and they bugged the crud out of me. I think I jumped on the bifocal bandwagon too soon – something my new eye doctor pointed out to me when I went in a couple of months ago. I’m sure bifocals will be in my future at some point but NOT TODAY.

Please also note my pretty, pretty lipstick. Lipsense is my new favorite thing and this color, Napa, is one of my faves, but I always hesitate to wear it because I sometimes feel like it’s too bright, but I kinda like how it looks in this pic, so maybe I’ll wear it more often. (You’re welcome for that run-on sentence, btw.)

Those are two of my favorite things right now…what are your favorite things lately? Share below because I’m going to start Christmas shopping soon and I need some ideas. 🙂