Daily Wins FTW!

A few weeks ago, Emily had me do an exercise in which I wrote down every single Win every day for a week. It could be big or small, as long as I recognized it as a Win. A Win can be anything that makes you feel happy, confident, loved, less-stressed, or just plain good. And yes, I capitalize “Win” because it’s THAT important. 🙂

I wrote down things like:

  • Cleared off my kitchen table so I wouldn’t feel so annoyed every time I walked by.
  • Ordered 2 pairs of boots online today
  • Took a nap after work
  • Sent my daughter to run an errand so I didn’t have to
  • Bought a $5 bouquet of flowers at the grocery store
  • Took a break from cleaning to watch a movie
  • Flipped through a magazine before bed
  • Filed some papers so my desk would be tidy

These are all actual snippets from my notebook. I really loved writing down all my Wins for the day because it made me appreciate all the little things I do to take care of myself. Also, it puts me in a frame of mind to recognize those Wins when they happen, and even if I don’t write them down, I’m still aware of them. It gives me a boost of confidence and happiness to do those little things for myself. And what I noticed is that the more I do these tiny things for myself, the more willing I am to do things for others without feeling put-upon or resentful.

Also, I learned that tidying up actually energizes me, whereas I used to look at it as a dreadful chore. Having a cluttered space makes me feel anxious and icky. Tackling a messy space gives me a boost that lasts all day. (But don’t be fooled, I’ve still got plenty of messes in my home. Now I just try to notice the areas that are really bugging me, and I take care of them as soon as I can.)

My challenge to you is to keep a log of your own Wins for this week and see how it affects you or if it gives you a tiny boost. Also, if you have some Wins that come to mind right now, share them in the comments below! It might give some of us an idea or two. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Daily Wins FTW!

  1. I’m pretty good at self-care. But I still have the dreadful chore vs. energizing event going on with the tidying up. I know it makes me feel better, but its hard to start. This morning I’m making some healthyish baked apple slices. Is there anything better than the smell of apples and cinnamon on a fall morning?

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