A few weeks ago, Emily had me do an exercise in which I wrote down every single Win every day for a week. It could be big or small, as long as I recognized it as a Win. A Win can be anything that makes you feel happy, confident, loved, less-stressed, or just plain good. And yes, I capitalize “Win” because it’s THAT important. 🙂

I wrote down things like:

  • Cleared off my kitchen table so I wouldn’t feel so annoyed every time I walked by.
  • Ordered 2 pairs of boots online today
  • Took a nap after work
  • Sent my daughter to run an errand so I didn’t have to
  • Bought a $5 bouquet of flowers at the grocery store
  • Took a break from cleaning to watch a movie
  • Flipped through a magazine before bed
  • Filed some papers so my desk would be tidy

These are all actual snippets from my notebook. I really loved writing down all my Wins for the day because it made me appreciate all the little things I do to take care of myself. Also, it puts me in a frame of mind to recognize those Wins when they happen, and even if I don’t write them down, I’m still aware of them. It gives me a boost of confidence and happiness to do those little things for myself. And what I noticed is that the more I do these tiny things for myself, the more willing I am to do things for others without feeling put-upon or resentful.

Also, I learned that tidying up actually energizes me, whereas I used to look at it as a dreadful chore. Having a cluttered space makes me feel anxious and icky. Tackling a messy space gives me a boost that lasts all day. (But don’t be fooled, I’ve still got plenty of messes in my home. Now I just try to notice the areas that are really bugging me, and I take care of them as soon as I can.)

My challenge to you is to keep a log of your own Wins for this week and see how it affects you or if it gives you a tiny boost. Also, if you have some Wins that come to mind right now, share them in the comments below! It might give some of us an idea or two. 🙂