Well today is definitely showing itself to be a MONDAY. After a fitful sleep due to some neck/shoulder pain and a snoring husband, I got up 15 minutes late this morning and had to battle the Hair That Refused To Be Tamed. It currently looks like a cross between Crazy Drunk and Nick Nolte Mug Shot. It’s lovely.

Then when I finally got to work, I discovered that we were out of my favorite coffee (Caramel Vanilla Cream for those who want to know). Fixed myself a cup of regular coffee then forgot about it for ten minutes so when I finally remembered to drink it, it was tepid. Nothing says “Your day is going to suck” like a cup of lukewarm coffee first thing in the morning. I had taken approximately 2 sips of coffee, then as I was reaching for a paperclip, my elbow hit my cup of coffee and it spilled all over my desk and the floor just as a coworker came in to ask me some questions. Nice.

THEN someone called our office to ask the phone number of another coworker and even though I’ve dialed this phone number literally hundreds of times, I could not for the life of me remember what it was. As I was fumbling through my Rolodex looking for this number, the Fed Ex man came in with a package that needed to be signed for. So Mr. Fed Ex is waiting on me, the guy on the phone is waiting on me, and I’m about as coordinated as a marionette trying to find the number and sign for the package ALL WHILE BE HIGHLY UNCAFFIENATED.

So I fixed myself aNOTHER cup of coffee, then pulled up Facebook to give myself a distraction and saw this:


You guys. I giggled like a fool at this. I don’t know why it struck me as so funny but I actually Laughed Out Loud. It was exactly the tiny mood boost I needed to turn things around. So now, here I sit with my HOT cuppa coffee and I’m ready to get on with my day.

My Monday wish for you is that there will seals playing saxophones for you today when/if you need them. It only takes a little giggle to turn a bad morning into a good afternoon.

Good luck and God Speed, my friends.