Everything’s different, but the same

This has been a BIG ENERGY WEEK for me (and it’s only Wednesday, Lord help me). It’s one of those weeks that contain lots of STUFF going on, and even if it’s good stuff, it can still deplete my energy. Lots of things are changing around here, mostly for the good, but even though they are changing they are still the same in some ways. It’s the “different, but same” that’s got my head spinning.

Over the weekend, we finally gave our neglected bedroom some much-needed TLC. We painted and rearranged our furniture, hung the TV on the wall, and ordered a new window blind. I’m really excited about the changes, but after having our bedroom set up the same for several years, it’s a little odd to see it arranged differently. And at night when I inevitably have to get up to make a bathroom run, I now have to carefully make my way around with my hands outstretched to make sure I don’t bump into something. Banging your hip on the corner of the dresser because your sleepy, foggy brain forgot it was there now is not a lot of fun.

So…different, but the same.

Also, my new boss has fully taken over the position and even though I’m thrilled with him, being at work is like having a new job. I’ve had more work to do in the last few days than I’ve had all month, which is great, but again, coming to the same job and doing different tasks is a little jarring. It’s been a really good thing, but still, it takes a lot of energy to get through that “getting to know you and what you expect of me” stage.

So…different, but the same.

And of course summer for us is winding down and school activities are already beginning, even though school doesn’t officially start here until August 11. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been driving my daughter to and from volleyball practice which drives me insane, actually. But this year I know what to expect, and I also have some great coping techniques to use to get me through this. (Volleyball is RELENTLESS. The season only lasts 2 months but the schedule is jam-packed and it feels like you can hardly catch a break.) So even though it’s still summer vacation, things are gearing up to get busy and our schedules are starting to change.

So…different, but the same.

I’m a little wired, a little tired, and ready for some continuity. I’m getting through this Big Energy Week by taking naps after work if I need to, making sure I get in a workout in the mornings and eating for energy. Giving myself pep talks helps too. These weeks don’t happen all the time, but when they do, I try to pay extra attention to how I’m feeling so I don’t end up losing my sh*t and having an epic meltdown (not that that’s ever happened…ahem).

How do you handle a Big Energy Week? Share your tips!

One thought on “Everything’s different, but the same

  1. That different but the same thing is exhausting. Mostly mentally exhausting, but sometimes physically too! I guess the last time that happened to me was when I re-did the house. I think because J. the contractor had such a calm energy, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Still, there were a lot of nights I didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked!

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