Weekly Menu Template

Sometimes I am super organized and at the beginning of the week, I plan out a dinner menu, go shopping for ingredients, and prepare nutritious meals for my darling family.

Other times I pretend I have zero responsibilities as a mother and we totally wing it all week long. These weeks stress me out, to be honest, so I came up with a template to help me quickly figure out what to cook for dinner.

Behold! The Weekly Menu Template! Menu template

I had to get a little creative with some of the titles but just go with it. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Monday – ‘Murica Monday! In which I serve Bald Eagle for dinner. KIDDING! This is going to be what I consider a Home Cooked Meal such as meatloaf, pot roast, chicken & noodles…you know something your grandma would’ve made for dinner. I typically have a little more time on Monday evenings to cook and I like to start the week with a meal that says “I made an effort.”

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday! Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday?? You can’t go wrong with Mexican food. Really, you just can’t. Except if cilantro is involved then YOU HAVE GONE SO WRONG. Ick.

Wednesday – Crockpot Humpday! Wednesdays are my busiest days and the days I get home the latest, so having a dinner that has cooked itself is like giving myself a high five when I walk in the door.

Thursday – Italian Stallion Thursday. No, we’re not having Rocky over for dinner, but we ARE having Italian food. Except spaghetti. My kids are SO FREAKING OVER spaghetti it’s not even funny. I maaaaaay have made spaghetti one too many times over the years and now my kids hate it. But they love lasagna and tortellini. Go figure. :/

Friday – Take Out Friday (Cause Mama is Tired)! This one can work two ways: A) Take Mama out to dinner or B) take dinner out of the restaurant and bring it to your home. Whichever one works best for you because Mama deserves a break.

Saturday – Grill It! We like to grill something on weekends, so why not just make it official and put it one the calendar? Steaks, chicken, kebabs, whatever…as long as it’s something my hubs can throw on the grill, I’m good with it.

Sunday – Seafood Sunday! I love seafood. LOVE IT. Yet, I rarely think to cook it, so by making it a part of the template I’ll get to have it more often. Shrimp Scampi, GET IN MAH BELLY.

How do you plan your dinners? Or do you just wing it and hope for the best?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Menu Template

  1. This post made me laugh because it reminded me how American is a different language from Australian! We (or I) use different words/terms for: pot roast (not quite sure what this is, presumably a piece of meat cooked in a pot, if I do a roast it is in a pan in the oven, a pot being something you boil soup in on the stovetop), chicken & noodles (I know what chicken and noodles are individually, but together? Do you mean noodles like spaghetti? Or something else entirely? An Asian-style stir-fry perhaps? Of the three things “grandma used to make” neither of my grandmothers ever made any of them, I know what meatloaf is but have never even tried one), cilantro (we call it coriander, but it is just as yuck by either name), crockpot (this is a slow cooker here), grill (we call the outside cooking thing a BBQ/barbeque, the grill is part of the oven that heats things on top but not underneath, great for grilled cheese on toast), mama (also mom: we say mother and mum).

    I read a lot of American weight-loss bloggers so I’m gradually learning the language. Like “marinara” in the US doesn’t have any seafood in it despite the explicit name (marine = sea). I think a lot of Aussies get tricked by that one when on holidays over your way and their pasta comes with a plain tomato sauce!

    I’m sure we’d have just as many things that confuse people from the US!

  2. I usually have a general idea what we will eat since we kind of eat the same stuff each week. I am still trying to lose weight so I know what not to be eating. Having this general template helps me.

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