In mental health news, I deleted Facebook from my phone a few days ago. It was becoming too easy to just grab my phone and have a gander whenever I had a few moments between activities or if a commercial came on TV or if I just wanted to avoid doing something. And it was getting to the point that I was looking at FB instead of doing something like reading a book whenever I had precious spare time. Facebook had become like checking the fridge every half hour to see if some new and delicious food had appeared since the last time I looked, which was probably just a few minutes ago. It was getting ridiculous. So I deleted it off of my phone to see what would happen.

What happened is that instead of checking FB I now sit with the boredom or I actually DO something. I think I’m so used to multitasking that it feels uncomfortable to only do one thing at a time like watching TV, or eating, or waiting patiently for my daughter to get out of practice. But it also feels so GREAT when I flip through a magazine or read a book or paint my nails instead of scrolling through FB. I told Emily that scrolling through FB for me is like grabbing a handful of candy from a too-available candy dish twenty times a day – eventually, you just get sick of the candy. That’s how I feel about FB now. I need a break.

If I want to check FB at home I have to actually sit at the computer and do it. Or I can still look at it at work if I want to, but I’m trying to limit my time there too. I find I’m much more satisfied with it if I let some time pass between log-ins.

Anyone else a little too involved in social media? Did you go cold turkey or were you in too deep?