My niece Krysten (Hi Krysten!) keeps making me spend all my money when she adds me to her Facebook parties, but the thing is, Krysten has great taste so when she likes something, I pay attention. Recently she had an online KEEP Collective party and as soon as I figured out what the Keepers and Keys were, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Because my watch is silver with a dark blue face I wanted something that would go with it, that I could wear every day and would inspire me. After looking through all of the keys, I chose the word BELIEVE to add to my keeper bracelet.

Why this word? Well, I wanted a reminder… a visual reminder to believe in not only my faith but also to believe in myself. To believe that I am worthy of making myself a priority; to believe that my value is not based on my weight; to believed that I am loved; to believe that I am capable of making things happen in my own life; to believe that I am a good writer; to believe that I deserve to have my voice heard. There are so many things that I want to remind myself to believe every day and this little piece of jewelry will help me do that.

I love this bracelet already. It’s fun and comfortable and the reverse side is white, so I can change up the look if I want to. I look at my watch several times a day and each time I do, I also see this word, so I get this visual cue to remember my worth many times. I’m so happy that I made this purchase for myself.

Do you have some kind of reminder for yourself? Maybe something that helps you remember a goal or a reminder of someone important to you? I had never heard of the KEEP Collective before this – am I way late to the party or is this really a new thing and for once I’m on the cutting edge of something??