See what I did there? Get it – a bust?! Because fireworks and 4th of July and…oh, never mind.

I was grateful for the long weekend but we didn’t really do anything special. Saturday I got my hurr did, then went to a birthday party for my nephew and his wife (they both are turning 30 within just a few weeks of each other) so that was fun. I got to visit with my sister and I always enjoy that.

Sunday I woke up to the sound of thunder and remembered that my car windows were cracked just a bit so I scurried out to my car half-asleep and rolled my windows up before too much rain got in. It was about 6:45 and I considered just staying up but decided to give myself the gift of going back to bed. There are few things as wonderful as snuggling in bed while a storm rolls over. Truly, it felt like a luxury. I slept for 2 more hours, so I probably needed the extra sleep anyway.

Yesterday (Monday), I didn’t do a darn thing. We all just lazed the day away watching Cast Away and Forrest Gump. We played a couple of board games and then dragged ourselves off the couch to watch the fireworks show at the lake. I noticed that this year, the crowd seemed a bit rougher than in years past. I don’t think anyone there had any malicious intent – I’m sure everyone there just wanted to enjoy the show, but it was just a different kind of crowd than is typically there. As far as the fireworks went, it seemed like they were shooting the same fireworks over and over again, so after the first 5 minutes it got old real quick. We got there two hours early to get a good spot, then we ended up leaving 15 minutes after the fireworks started. Plus, there was a screaming baby nearby who cried for the entire 2 hours and my youngest had a headache, so we left. It just wasn’t a good time.

This morning I’m left feeling sort of disappointed and let-down. And tired. Mostly tired. I think I had high hopes that this weekend would be a lot of fun but things just didn’t really turn out that way. Oh well, there’s always Memorial Day to look forward to. :/