Why I’m not doing a bullet journal

Have you heard of bullet journals? If you go to Pinterest, it won’t take long for a bullet journal to show up in your feed. Bullet journals are a new way to schedule your life and suck up all of your productive hours making cute designs in said journals. I mean, seriously…who has time for this nonsense? The journals I’ve seen are creative and gorgeous and thinking about having to keep up with something like just gives me hives. I mean, really, do I NEED one more distraction in my life? No. NO I DO NOT.

Now, from what I’ve read, the initial set up takes a bit of time, but after that, it’s supposedly a breeze to keep up with. Yeah, right.

I know me. I know that I’d want to tweak this page, or redo that page, or add another section, or I’d spend three hours setting the thing up and then never touch it again. It would just sit on my dresser, mocking me, making me feel guilty for not living my best life.

If I were a little more creative, a little younger, had a little more patience…I’d be all over this bullet journaling thing but I’m none of those things. If you love the bullet journal and think it’s the best thing since bullet-proof coffee, then more power to you. You Go with your bullet-y self! But as for me, I’ll just stick with my system of dashing things off on a post-it note and throwing it in the bottom of my purse. You be you, and I’ll be me, and I’ll just continue to be late for everything, okay?


Are you familiar with bullet journals? Do you use a bullet journal? If so, what do you like about it?

5 thoughts on “Why I’m not doing a bullet journal

  1. I’ve watched a couple You Tube videos on the bullet journaling. Not my thing either. Like you, I have no time for that folderol! I can see how the vloggers do, though. Vlogging is their full time job. Me, I work a day job and blog for fun. Bullet Journaling, from creation to daily usage does not look like fun to me. It looks like another full time job!!! 😉

  2. I had no idea what it was, so I found an article that explained it pretty well. Even with the author’s minimalist approach (she had let go of the urge to washi-tape it to death), it still sounded rather crazy-making to me. I find my digital approaches much more effective for meetings and appointments.

  3. I never heard of a bullet journal. I don’t want to waste any free time I do have on more projects or work. Between a full time job, exercise & keeping a food journal I think I will pass on a bullet journal.

  4. Yep, I’ve heard of it, but not gonna spend a minute investigating. I’ve got plenty of other creative pursuits that take all my time 🙂

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