I just deleted a whole post in which I whine incessantly about the money being poured into repairs and expenses we are incurring as a result of a lot of different things going on in our (my family’s) life right now.

Then I decided that I was being petty and ridiculous because my problems are very first-world in nature.

But then I decided that if these things are causing me stress, and let’s be honest here – they’re causing me plenty of stress right now, then they are valid no matter how ridiculous they might seem to someone with much bigger, more serious issues.

I have to acknowledge that yeah, things are challenging  right now, and I don’t need to mitigate them just because they are problems that someone else might love to have. Stress is stress and it affects the body, no matter who that body belongs to.

I am doing a few things to keep the stress from overwhelming me: I have been walking every day for 20-30 minutes; I’m eating well; I’m getting plenty of sleep, and I occasionally indulge in a spoonful of Nutella or an ice cream sandwich because sometimes my soul just needs it. Also, I painted my nails a really fun shade of pink just so something happy would cross my line of vision several times a day:


Wow. I think I need some hand cream STAT. Oh, hello sun damage. I’m going to pretend I don’t see you. 

Aaaaand, my daughter just called to say that she is sick. Wonderful. :/

Anyone got a spa resort they’d like to send me to for a week? Anyone? Anyone??? Darn.