When a bowl is a cup

Today is a rainy, cold, gray day and I just really wanted soup for lunch. The closest place to get soup is Chili’s, so I ordered a bowl of southwest chicken soup online and went to pick it up.

When I got there, the waitress put my bag on the counter and went to cash me out but her computer was frozen. She asked me to wait just a second while she went to get a manager and while she was gone, I peeked inside the bag to look at my bowl of steamy goodness.

Only, what I saw, did not look like a bowl, it looked like a cup. Like an actual 8 oz cup.

So when she returned, I asked about it.

Me: “Excuse me, is this a bowl or a cup?”

Her: “That’s a bowl.”

Me: “That’s a bowl??”

Her: “That’s a bowl.”

Me:THAT’S a bowl???”

Her: “That’s a bowl. The cup is about half that size.” 

Me: …

Her: …

Me: “Oh wow. Um, okay.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I like Chili’s and the soup was good…I was just hoping for an actual BOWL (like, at least 12 -16 ounces – that’s a bowl, right?!) and not the smallish serving I got. I still ate it and enjoyed it even though it was only lukewarm by the time I got it back to my office. Since it was so small, I stopped at a convenience store and got a sandwich to eat with it because I knew that little cup, oh excuse me…bowl, wouldn’t hold me over all afternoon.

Live and learn I guess. :/

Spoon for size comparison
That’s a mandarin orange. 



5 thoughts on “When a bowl is a cup

  1. I always thought US fast food went in the opposite direction: here is your 18 gallon “small” coke! Or you can get a “regular” with free rental of a wheelbarrow to take it home in.

  2. Correct size Portions are much smaller than we think. In this day & age everything is super-sized. I am showing my age here, but McDonald’s happy meal was the portion that adults ordered in the 70’s.

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