To skip or not to skip?

I read this article from NPR this morning on my Facebook feed. It piqued my interest because my husband and I talked not long ago about how he’s lost 15 pounds in the last couple of months by cutting back on snacks and by sometimes skipping breakfast. My knee jerk response was to say “but that’s so bad for you! You shouldn’t skip breakfast!” His response was, “But I feel better, I have more energy, and I’m losing weight. Why would I eat if I’m not hungry?”

Why, indeed.

Then I had to admit that what he was doing was not a new unheard-of thing. I told him there was a name for what he was doing: intermittent fasting. I also told him that if it’s working for him and he feels okay with it, to keep doing it. I like to eat breakfast, but actually I don’t usually eat until after I get to work, or while I’m driving to work (smoothies are an excellent travel meal). But overall, skipping meals has never been a desire of mine (obviously).

Now it seems there is research (according to the NPR article) that backs up what my husband has been saying – it’s not such a bad thing if you skip breakfast every so often or if you delay breakfast.

What about you? Do you eat breakfast on the reg or do you just go by how you are feeling? I think every one is different and you have to just find what works for you (if I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that on this blog, I could quit my day job), but I like it when the current wisdom gets shaken up a bit.

What do you think?

Actual photo of my breakfast this morning. Just kidding. 


9 thoughts on “To skip or not to skip?

  1. I delay breakfast often until 10:30 or 11:00 am (but I do have several cups of coffee in the meantime – I’m not an animal!), if I’m not hungry. I don’t force myself to eat just because it’s “time” – and this seems to work for me.

  2. I have not eaten breakfast since I was about 6 years old and my mom stopped making me. I mean, I might if we go out at like 11 am but on a daily basis all I can say is gag. I wake up and the last thing I want is food. I pretty much just drink water until afternoon. No idea if it’s good, but I am one of those people who doesn’t care for most breakfast food and food in general just makes me gag when I wake up.

  3. I’ve only recently got into the habit of eating breakfast – just when the experts are saying maybe we don’t need to! But usually I eat at 9:00 after I’ve got the kids off to school so I can eat in peace and my tea doesn’t go cold. By then I’m ready for food. But not cereal. Who can face cereal first thing in the morning? (My husband, apparently.)

  4. Well I`ve always eaten breakfast until I got back to work after staying at home with little baby – I only had smoothies at 6am. But I`m thinking about IF now – maybe not skipping breakfast but eat it later – at 8am first meal and at 6 pm last meal – to give my stomach lots of time of no food at all – I`ll try.

  5. I don’t skip breakfast but I workout in the morning FIRST and then eat breakfast. It works for me. I think that’s the trick of weight loss–doing what works for you and not what you’re “supposed” to do.

  6. I haven’t been able to stomach breakfast since I was a young child. I am naturally hungry at around 10.30am so I eat yogurt and fruit then.
    So glad I stumbled upon your blog. Really enjoying it.

  7. I eat some fruit within the 30 minutes after awakening. Usually berries. Then after packing my lunch & completing dressing I have a 30 minute commute. Usually an hour or two later I will eat my breakfast which is Oats in a Jar or Overnight Oats.

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