Bang Bang

So recently I was going through some photos on my phone and then I went through some photos on my husband’s phone and in all of the pictures I am in, my hair is doing this weird side part swoopy 80s thing. You know, the kind of up-and-over that Julia Roberts made famous way back in the day? (Btw, I had the most excellent Julia Roberts hair when I was 19 – I mean I was killing it with the long wavy perm. That’s probably been the only time in my life when my hair has been in peak form.)

Julia Roberts

Want proof? Here ya go:





See? Told ya.

After seeing so many pictures of so much forehead, I decided I needed a drastic change. I let the idea float around in my head for a couple of days, then one night as I was getting ready for bed I decided that I needed that change NOW. I could not wake up the next morning and face the indignity of hair that mocks me. So I did what any mature, rational woman does: I cut myself some bangs.

Bangs. Also, I did not give myself a mullet – I have my hair tucked behind my ear. I mean, I love the 80s but some things are better left in the past.

Now, the fact that my hairstylist literally lives right next door did not sway me from my mission. The fact that I have yet to tell said neighbor what I did to my bangs might give you an indication of how skilled I am at cutting my own bangs. It didn’t turn out awful, and I actually kind of like how it looks, but I need my hairstylist to clean them up a bit. She’s probably going to laugh at me but oh well, we’ll laugh together. And I have been told by my BFF that the time to call her during emergencies such as this is when I have scissors in hand when she can still talk me down off the ledge, not after when I’ve already jumped. Duly noted.

So yay I have bangs now!





3 thoughts on “Bang Bang

  1. I agree with Debby – I think you looked great with the sideswept bangs, and the full on bangs are lovely, too. You are a brave woman…I cut bangs on my Barbie doll eons ago and learned a harsh lesson. Haven’t dared to cut my own hair after what I did to poor Barbie.

  2. I like both the swoop and the bangs. I had to laugh though because I cut my bangs myself once before bed, even though I had a hair appointment at the end of the week! When I went to the hairstylist – she took one look at my bangs and said “who chopped up your bangs!”

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