I’m cranky today. Actually I’ve been feeling kinda cranky for several days and I really don’t have any good reason to feel that way…but for whatever reason, I’m just irritable. Here’s a few things irking my last nerve lately:

  • When you are in a hurry and you go through a fast food drive-thru for coffee and they want to doctor up your coffee for you. How am I supposed to know how many creamers and sugars I need until I find out how strong your coffee is??? Just give me a few and I’ll make it work. I don’t want some teenager who hasn’t been well versed in the fine art of coffee-doctoring messing with my morning nectar. My coffee sets the tone for my entire day…do you really want that responsibility on your hands, Teen Fast Food Worker???? I don’t think so.
  • Okay yes Justin Bieber finally came out with a couple of decent songs but do we have to hear them 26 times a day??? Same with Adele – whom I freaking ADORE – but really? Every third song??? REALLY???? Please play it over and over again until I hate it…I love it when that happens. Thanks Mr. Radio DJ…Thanks for NOTHING.
  • When I’m putting on mascara in the morning and a teeny tiny little speck gets on my brow bone and I try to oh-so-carefully wipe it away and then it SMEARS AND BECOMES A HUGE STAIN ON MY EYE AND THEN I HAVE TO WIPE IT AWAY MORE THEN I END UP WIPING THE FOUNDATION OFF MY EYE SO THEN I HAVE TO FREAKING START OVER…*sigh* I just don’t need this drama in my life.
  • I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for this next one…but I very strongly dislike Chihuahuas. All of the chihuahuas I’ve met are assholes who only want to bark and growl at you but they run away as soon as you take a step towards them. They’re the Office Jerk of the dog world. Maybe somewhere out there are nice, lovable, sweet chihuahuas…but I have yet to meet them.
  • ALLERGIES. My eyes are so freaking itchy lately I look like a crack whore who hasn’t slept in a week. I don’t actually know what a crack whore looks like but I imagine they look a little rough, which is how I feel.
  • People who think I run so I can eat more: I joined that fitness group I talked about here and we were trying to come up with a name for our small group of beginning runners and 4 or 5 of the women (who are overweight like me) kept coming up with names like “Will Run 4 Food” or “Foodies 4 Life” (we’re Group 4, hence the “4”) or “Slaves 4 Food” and I finally piped up and said “I’m trying to get over food issues and I don’t run to eat”* and a few others nodded in agreement with me. I mean, my goal for running is not to eat more, I don’t need any excuses to eat more! I’ve already done that! My idea for a name was “Run Fourest Run” and about half the group liked it, but the other half wasn’t impressed so then I came up with The Fab Four and a lady next to me bounced off of that with Fantastic Four and everyone seemed to like that so that’s what we went with. It just really irritated me that those few women IMMEDIATELY linked running with eating more, like the only reason women would be running is for food. I get it that maybe that is the whole reason THEY run, but not everyone is like that. Not sure why I took it so personally, but I did. Irked is what I was. And apparently still am.

Maybe I need more sleep, or maybe I need more allergy medicine, or maybe people just need to stop pissing me off. Whatever it is, I hope I get it soon…for the safety of the general population. I’m sure that in a few days, I’ll be back to my happy-go-lucky self, but for today…Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

*Can I get a high five for having the cajones to speak up and express myself? A few months ago, I would have just kept quiet and been resentful of the name they would have chosen but since I spoke up, we all came to agree on a different name. Yay me! 🙂