As I so subtly let everyone know,my birthday was a couple of weeks ago. As a small treat, my mom got me a box of Whoppers. Not a box of Burger King burgers, but a box of the malted milk balls (I think those of you outside of the USA would know them as Maltesers) – it’s been a favorite of mine since…oh forever. It’s pretty well known in my family that I love Whoppers  and my kids always toss me the fun-size Whoppers that they gather on Halloween – it’s my own little pile of candy that I share with NO ONE. So yeah, I’m a fan.

I set the malted milk balls on my dresser as I was putting away my various gifts and then promptly forgot about them. For a week.

Did you get that?

I didn’t even think about them for a whole entire week! Totally forgot that chocolate was sitting a mere ten feet away from me as I slept each night. Completely oblivious to the neglected tan box that sat waiting for me to enjoy the chocolaty malty goodness.


That’s like saying “oh I forgot to eat today! Hahahahahaha!” That doesn’t happen to me, people. Like, EVER.

And when I did finally remember? I did a giddy little dance then I had a handful, then I had another handful, then I immediately regretted that second handful because it was too much. Very much enjoyed the first handful, did not so much enjoy the second handful and I know this because I was paying attention to how my body felt. So I didn’t have any more that day. I made that box last a week because I knew that one handful was good, but two was no bueno and I was fine with that. And I enjoyed that candy when I ate it, but when I was finished, I didn’t miss it. And I didn’t have it every day, just whenever I thought about it.

This is leaps and bounds from where I used to be, folks. There was a time when I would have eaten the entire box in one sitting, and then probably would have looked for something else to chase it with. But because I pay attention now to how I feel when I’m eating, it has made all the difference for me. I can enjoy my favorite things with no guilt or shame and THAT is worth all the Whoppers in the world to me. ❤