Saying yes

It’s been an accidental personal mission of mine lately to say yes to opportunities as they arise. I say “accidental” because I didn’t go looking for the Dr Oz show last year, they came to me, but when I said “yes” to being on the show, it opened up the most wonderful can of worms. Everything in me wanted to say “No I’m sorry I can’t do that because that’s just not what I do. I don’t go gallivanting off to New York on a moment’s notice. That’s just not done in my family!” But listening to that small voice inside that whispered “I really really really want to go!” helped me to see that there are all kinds of opportunities in the world if I will just be open to them.

When I had the idea to seek out and join a book club, it scared me a little to put myself out there, but I’m so glad I did. It fits my personality and I love it!

There is a fitness group that I am thinking of joining in my town. They help mentor people who want to start walking, walking/running intervals, or running by gathering at my favorite lake twice a week and working out in groups. I want to join because it would be a good way to get some regular exercise in as well as meet some new faces in my community. They’ve been doing this program for a few years , but until I’ve been to timid to join until now. I’m ready to get out there and do it.

I also have applied for a couple of jobs recently. My job here is stable, but it is stagnant and I think I’m finally ready to believe that I have more to offer than just the same data entry day after day. I’m saying yes to the belief that there is something out there more suited to my abilities than what I’m doing now.

I think I never really believed that I deserved or was worthy of reaching for new heights. Who am I to want more than I’ve been given? But I think settling is unhealthy and it doesn’t help a person grow and evolve – I wish I had realized this ten or twenty years ago, but at least I’m realizing it now and I’m willing to do something about it. I’m willing to put myself out there and say yes to whatever crazy opportunities might come up. Instead of thinking “Oh, I could never do that!”, I’m now thinking “What else is out there?”

I am expecting wonderful and amazing things to happen in the next year, and they will happen if I will only say “yes”.

9 thoughts on “Saying yes

  1. I hope you will join that fitness group – finding my running club (and having that evolve into finding a wonderful core group of runner friends) was one of the best things that I ever said yes to!

  2. How funny. When I read your post, I thought, that sounds just like Shelley’s running club–Jill should do it! GMTA?

  3. I really liked what you had to say about deserving more than you are given… We don’t ever have to accept the status quo and we should always be open to new opportunities… I hope to read about your new running group soon! Sometimes I only exercise once a week – because I’d never stand up my Saturday Coffee Group….

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