Last night was the finale of Downton Abbey and I am still not over it. I loved this show. I loved its characters, I loved the story lines…I just thought it was wonderful and witty and now it’s over. I’m going to need some time to process this…I’m going to pull my Scarlet O’Hara mourning gown out of the closet and wear it until I can find a new tv show to fangirl over. And speaking of fangirling,  Tom Hiddleston has said that if he were offered the James Bond role, it would be fantastic, so that prospect cheers me up a little. Tom Hiddleston has nothing to do with Downton Abbey other than he’s also British, but I tend to get gushy over both.

On this side of the pond, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Thursday is my 45th birthday so of course I’ll celebrating all week long. I have no idea what I’ll do each day but I’m going to take a vacation day on Friday and do whatever I want. I would take the day off on Thursday, but taking off on Friday = 3 day weekend, so whoomp there it is. Yay Birthdays!!

Switching gears now, a few years ago Debby created something called The Me Diet where she sort of created her own little food plan based on what works for her. Emily has suggested that I do the same  – she wants me to become my own nutrition expert. She wants me to become curious about what foods make me feel good and when I feel my best and how to incorporate more of that in my eating, and to do my own research and draw my own conclusions (as opposed to her telling me what I should or should not do). I have been keeping a food log – no numbers, just strictly the ‘what’, not the ‘how much’ – which keeps me more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth and how often and how it makes me feel.

*Side note: I’ve been working with Em since last August and we’re only JUST NOW getting around to really dealing with the food topic. I find that very interesting. It’s taken this long for me to be ready to deal with it in an objective-ish way.*

So I’m exploring the link between food and brain chemistry and what I’m finding overall is that protein and fruits & vegetables and complex carbs altogether with exercise can be a cure for many ailments. Shocking, I know! I mean, why have we never heard this information before? 😉 For me, seeing it in the light of “this will help your body and brain function better” as opposed to “go on this diet so you will be skinny” makes all the difference and makes more sense to me. And also Emily’s point in me being my own expert is for this to be something I do for myself and my own health and NOT because a diet told me to do it for the glory of weight loss. Big distinction for a stubborn gal such as myself who doesn’t like being told what to do.