Person: “All the guys wanna go to lunch today”

Me: “Oh, well, I have an appointment at noon, so I can’t make it.” (The same appointment I’ve had every Friday at noon for the last six months…)

Person: “But…we’re all gonna go and we wanted everyone to be there.”

Me: “Why?”

Person: “Since everyone’s here we thought we’d go today”

Me: *confused* “But…why?” (The guys go eat lunch out EVERY Friday… I don’t understand why this is a big deal all of a sudden.)

Person: *huffs and looks at me like I’m an idiot* “For the monthly safety lunch!” (I’m told that if we have a good month safety-wise, then we get treated to a lunch out on the company’s dime. I was beginning to think this was a myth, as it has been many, many months since we’ve had one of these safety lunches, even though it has literally been over 5 years since we had a safety incident. These lunches are few and far between at best, but apparently I should have known that TODAY was the day.)

Me: “Oh! I didn’t know anything about it. You guys go ahead and go, it’s fine. Really, it won’t hurt my feelings”

Person: *getting agitated* “Well we just decided this morning and thought it would be a good day since everyone is here!”

Me: “But George isn’t here…”

Person: “Well he hasn’t been here for half the month anyway so it won’t matter if he misses it”

Me: (WTH???) “Well, that’s okay, you guys go without me, really I don’t mind.”

Person: *Sighs irritably* “Well okay but they wanted you to pick the place.” (Are you freaking kidding me????)

Me: “Well I can still pick the place, I just won’t be able to go.”

Person: “Well I guess I’ll let the guys know then.” *walks off in a huff*

So, he’s pissed at me because I have a standing Friday appointment but didn’t cancel that appointment and make plans to go to the lunch that I didn’t know anything about…

Yeah, makes sense. :/ And believe me, an awkward lunch with my coworkers is no treat so I’m not upset about missing it. I’d much rather go to my appointment anyway.

This is my work-life, people. E’rry day.

Envy me.