I love this time of year – spring is peeking around the corner, the afternoons are warmer (at least here in Oklahoma they are), my birthday is less than a month away and people just seem to be a little bit perkier – it’s like we’ve all been under a blanket for months and we’re finally peeling it back to realize that hey! it’s nice outside! let’s go play!

I also love this time of year because I get my yearly incentive bonus from work. It’s not huge but it’s enough that I have some cash to play around with and I’ve spent weeks trying to decide how to best spend this money. I don’t want it to just be absorbed into the daily stuff – I’ve done that before and it is very unsatisfying. I want to earmark it for specific things. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • I’m going to restock my pantry. I have a list of staples and I’m going to buy 3 of everything (well, most things). I’m so bad about running out of ingredients and not restocking them and then when it comes time to make dinner, I’m standing there trying to come up with a viable substitution. I will save myself a lot of time and energy and angry words if I have a stocked pantry.
  • I’m going to buy new bed pillows for the whole family. We are due. It’s been a long time.
  • A new laundry sorter. I know! So sexy! I bought a plastic laundry sorter when we moved into our current house 14 years ago and it was the best $12 I’ve ever spent. But now, after muuuuuch use, that thing is ghetto – the mesh bags are ripped and being held in place with zip-ties and the plastic frame is starting to crumble on the edges. It’s lovely. Definitely time for a new one.
  • New wardrobe pieces. I’m going to gird my loins and go try on some pants. I wear jeans all the ding dang time and I’d like something a little nicer for work and for running around on the weekends. It’s hard though to find pants that fit a short chubby woman like myself, but I’m going to do my best. Please pray for me and my time in the dressing room.
  • Photo albums and printed pictures. This is going to be a project, but it’s one that is important to me and needs to be done. There’s just something about gathering around and going through photo albums, isn’t there? It’s not the same trying to gather everyone around a phone. :/

And that’s all I’ve come up with for now, which is actually going to cost more than what my bonus amount will be, but oh well. Maybe we’ll get a tax refund that I can use to cover the balance. 🙂

If you had an extra, let’s say, $1000 what would you spend it on? Would you use it to pay some bills or would you make it rain on your friends with a big party? Would you buy some new underwear or new couch pillows? Would you spend it frivolously or seriously?