Thanks to those of you who voted in yesterday’s Fitted Pear poll!! If you haven’t taken the poll yet – please do! I love it that we get to help out on a project like this – makes me feel like a VIP! 

I’ve been doing more yoga lately, which I absolutely love, and also doing a little strength training, which I also love, but my Old Mindset (developed during the All Cardio All the Time days) says that I need to be BURNING THE FAT, as in “you really should be doing more cardio in order to lose weight – how is the fat going to melt off if you aren’t sweating very much???” I come from the generation of Step Aerobics, Jazzercise, and Jane Fonda -all of these things are high energy and high impact and high sweating. If you aren’t dancing around like a lunatic, are you really exercising?

I know how beneficial strength training is, and I’ve read countless stories of women who have said that they’re bodies really didn’t start changing until they added more strength training, but my head still thinks unless and until I’m a big sweaty cardio mess, I’m not going to get results.

I have been working so, so hard to stop thinking in Diet Brain and start really listening to what my body wants and needs. I’ve learned that yes, I actually do feel better when I eat more nutritionally dense foods, and I do feel better when I do some sort of work out regularly, but I don’t want to be a slave to that  – I want to do it because I WANT to do it, not because some Diet Guru says I should. But I also really want to lose weight because getting winded while painting my toenails is no bueno. (Seriously, I GOT WINDED TRYING TO PAINT MY TOENAILS, Y’ALL. That’s so wrong.)  Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s Detrimental Diet Brain and what’s Actually Good For Me – I find that they overlap a lot, and that can be confusing.

One thing that Emily always has to remind me is that there is usually a Middle Path. I tend to think in All or Nothing terms, and Middle Path thinking does not come naturally to me. But maybe the middle path here is to explore some more intense yoga routines that get my heart rate up, or maybe working with a bit heavier weights will give me cardio AND strength at the same time. It is quite possible that I could give my body the cardio it wants while still doing the exercises I love to do.

Aaaand I think I just answered my own question. Funny how sometimes it takes putting my fingers to my keyboard to get mind right again.

I know that everyone has to do what’s best for themselves, and I’m curious how this plays out for you – do you incorporate a lot of traditional cardio in your workout routine or are you more strength-focused? Or do you  choose to do both equally? Sound off below!