I was making a list of things I need to accomplish over the weekend:

  • Clean the fridge (what IS that pink stuff all over the bottom shelf??)
  • Mop the kitchen floor (I think somebody spilled something sticky)
  • Clean my bedroom (so much stuff everywhere!)

when I realized I didn’t have any fun things on my To-Do List. Gotta remedy that!

What do I want from this weekend? What do I want to do and how can I make it happen?

In addition to all of those chores above, I also plan to:

  • paint my nails
  • watch a funny movie
  • read for a couple of hours
  • spend some time on my yoga mat

And as much as I love doing the above things, I find that I have to be intentional about scheduling/doing them, otherwise I get bogged down with one chore after another and I end my weekend feeling productive yet unfulfilled. Now that I’ve written them down, I’ll be much more certain to make them happen because as my motto says “if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist!” (which mostly applies to shopping for groceries, because if I don’t write it down, I am probably going to forget that I need it, but it’s also applicable here).

What fun things will you plan on doing this weekend??? If you don’t have something fun planned yet- plan it now! Tell me in the comments what you’re going to do. 🙂