I go to bookclub now!

Hey Friends!

I went to book club last Thursday night and I loved it!! I was super nervous to go and I even toyed with the idea of not going, but then I remembered I had my big girl panties on and so I went. I was the first one there, because NERD, and so I sat and visited with the bookstore owner for a few minutes – she was very nice and made me feel comfortable from the start. There were 6 other members there, although I believe there are 12 members on the roster.

Ken is a retired high school math teacher and a cyclist who has cycled all over Europe. He is smart and well traveled, so he a lot of interesting points of information during our meeting. Linda is about my age and I’m not sure what she does for a living, but I know she has horses. And she is smart as a whip – very witty and dry sense of humor – I liked her immediately. Joan is a wry character – the first thing she said to me is “I don’t like the books we read in this club – they’re way too heavy for me. Why can’t we read a good bodice-ripper once in a while?!” She cracked me up from the get-go! Janice is the bookstore owner and leader of the book club pack, and she is a cyclist also. She is good at leading everyone back to the book when the topic would stray (and it tended to stray a lot!). Finally, there is Gwen. Gwen is probably in her mid to late 70s and I fell in love with her immediately. She is very soft spoken but will break in with a well timed quip and leave us all laughing. At the end of the meeting she touched my arm and told me that she hopes I’ll come back again – it was very sweet.

Our book for January was Sarah’s Key, and if you’ve read it you can understand that our conversation got a little heavy at times, but there was also lots of laughter at certain points too (especially when the topic would meander about). I became the Googler in the group – whenever there was a question about something, I grabbed my phone and Googled the answer. It was nice to have a job to do and to feel that I was helping out in a small way.

Overall, I had a really good time – the conversation was stimulating, I laughed a lot, and I got to meet some really great people. I can’t wait to go back next month. I’m really proud of myself for putting myself out there for a new experience. It might not seem like a big deal to most people, but for me this was huge.

Btw, does anyone have the book We Need To Talk About Kevin that I can borrow? 🙂

11 thoughts on “I go to bookclub now!

  1. Glad you had such a good time at Book Club! Everyone sounds nice. 🙂

    Boy, first Sarah’s Key and now We Need to Talk About Kevin? I’ve read both books, and they are heavy. I agree with the bodice-ripper lady, LOL!

    1. I haven’t read a good bodice-ripper since college!! I remember one summer in particular where my best friend and I made it a challenge to read as many smutty books as we could before classes started up again. We definitely got an education that summer!! 🙂

  2. We Need to Talk About Kevin is an amazing book – but very heavy! I highly recommend it. Who choses the books, BTW? The group as a whole, the bookstore owner?

    Maybe I’ll get brave enough to go to a book club. But for pleasure I mostly read fantasy fiction (eg Lord of the Rings, to name a famous one) or Young Adult. Book clubs all seem to go for the genre of “modern depressing” from what I can see.

    1. I think the book club as a whole decides on the book selections. Someone will make a suggestion and she’ll put it on the list, or someone will mention a book they’d like to read, or I think the book owner sometimes pulls ideas from other book clubs. I can’t remember all of the books for this year, but I do remember Alice in Wonderland being on the list and I believe there are a few other “lighter” reads in the mix.

  3. I find it helpful to get a list of the books in advance so I can put on reserve at the library. IF your group plans them out ahead. (Some groups plan whole year, others go month to month.) Used bookstores are also good idea. We have one that takes our old books, so it is like trading. I take in a pile and get credit which I can then use as needed.

  4. Okay, I read the description of Sarah’s Key. Pretty sure that was a movie I saw, right? But did it have a different title? Will you be doing book reviews for us? I like those!

    1. It was made into a movie but I haven’t seen it – pretty sure it had the same title. I don’t generally like doing book reviews because I end up wanting to talk about EVERY PARAGRAPH and it becomes a long drawn out thing. I will say I recommend this book – it’s an easy read and I learned something new from it that I didn’t know before. 🙂

  5. Be forewarned – We Need to Talk About Kevin is one of the most disturbing books I’ve ever read. To this day, this many years later, I have “flashbacks” to some of the more difficult sections of the book. Speaks to the quality of the writing, but disturbing nonetheless!

  6. Awesome!!! I’ve taken a hiatus from reading for pleasure while I’m in college. My pleasure reading comes from following blogs. Ha ha, true story. But this sounds really nice and I’m glad you did it.

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