Finding my voice

You know what I like to do sometimes? I like to go back through my blog archives and see what I was doing this month last year. Today I went back and looked through all of my archives for the month of January every year for the past 8 years (I’ve been blogging for a long time – that’s 7 Januarys (Januaries?) I just went through!) It’s fun to see how often I was blogging back in the day when I first started. Sometimes I would blog just to say I had nothing to blog about – why? Why would I do that? Weird.

Going through all those posts made me realize how much fun blogging was for me – it reminded me that I really do enjoy coming here and posting about whatever it is I happened to be pondering about at that moment. At first I only blogged for myself and if someone read my blathering, great, but if not it was no big deal. Then I had a small following of fellow bloggers and it became a community of sorts – I read theirs, they read mine and it was a great fellowship. In the last few years a lot of those bloggers have fallen away or they only post infrequently at best. A couple of years ago I considered ending this blog but interestingly enough it was at this time I started getting emails from people telling me how much they liked my blog and they appreciated my honesty (THANK YOU, btw) and soon I felt like I had to keep blogging for an audience of women I didn’t really know. I felt like I had to have something to SAY. Which made me freeze up when I sat at my keyboard because who am I to have anything inspiring to say? So my blogging has become sporadic at best the last couple of years because I just didn’t feel qualified to bring you what I thought you wanted from me. I sort of lost my blogging voice.

Back to today – while reading some of my old posts I realized that some of my best writing was done on completely mundane or ridiculous subjects. It’s not the pithy, serious posts you guys connect with…it’s the posts where I’m being cranky and snarky, or I’m lamenting my bad hair days, or falling into a pan of brownies. THAT is my blogging voice.  And honestly, those posts are so much more fun for me to write than the informative here’s-what-I’m-learning posts. My true blogging personality is much more Lucy Ricardo than Grace Kelly (unfortunately).

So, you may be seeing more irreverence and sarcasm and falling-on-my-face honesty around here, as well as an occasional pithy post, and more posts in general. I love writing on this here little patch of the internet that has my name on it and as long as someone is reading (and probably even if no one is reading) I’ll keep blogging. I’m still passionate about advocating for Self Care and therapy and all that, so you’ll still be seeing that from time to time, but maybe things will be a little lighter around here in general.

So if you like reading about the trivial minutiae of my life – YAY! You’re going to be pleased! And if you don’t, well then click away, gentle reader, click away. You won’t hurt my feelings. It’s all good.




4 thoughts on “Finding my voice

  1. My blog is mainly just “here is what I did today” and sometimes I worry that that is boring, but then I remember I’m writing it for me and if readers don’t enjoy it then they can go read somewhere else. I don’t have a lot of readers so I guess that is what they are doing! But I enjoy reading over what I’ve written, years later.

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