Happy 2016! Did everyone have a nice holiday?

Anyone else feeling kind of…blah…lately? I don’t know about you, but I have been in a funk for the last week and a half. The time before Christmas was good and relaxing – lots of time playing board games with the kids and watching movies and baking Christmas goodies…I remember thinking to myself “I’m really enjoying this! This is great!” Christmas Eve was happy and full of laughter and  Christmas morning was fun too – even if it did start before the crack of dawn (because KIDS).

We had some minor family drama on the afternoon of Christmas Day, then a couple of days later I found out someone had used my debit card number to help themselves to a Starbucks groupon (luckily the damage was limited to ten dollars, but the annoyance and irritation was not so limited), then a short trip we planned to take was canceled due to the bad weather…add all that to the usual Post-Holiday Let Down and well, you can see why I’m not feeling the Shiny New Year yet.

What I’ve found out is feeling blue is pretty normal this time of year. Here’s a link that explains why:


So my advice is, if you are feeling less-than-great right now, just know that it’s okay and be gentle with yourself. Give yourself some grace and some slack and some extra time wrapped in a blanket with a mug of tea or cocoa or coffee or wine or whatever makes you feel warm inside. Do whatever you need to do make yourself feel comforted. You have my permission to put your New Year Resolutions off til next week or next month or next year…start whenever you feel ready, or chuck those resolutions in the trash altogether, if that gives you peace. Just do whatever you need to do to care for YOURSELF.

Here is a good article that discusses easy ways you can start to make yourself feel better:


What are some ways you use to fight off the Winter Blues/Post Holiday Letdown? Your comment might be useful to someone else, so don’t be afraid to share!