I’ve said for a long time that you have to find what works for YOU and my guest poster is like-minded. Welcome Dan Mendilow to the Sassy Pear! 

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Finding nutrition advice on the internet is like diagnosing yourself using WebMD – all you’re going to do is waste time and leave thinking you’re going to die.  Take eggs, for example.   Some say the whites are amazing and the yolks are fatty poison.  Others say the yolks have all the nutrition and the whites are useless.  Still others say you should eat the entire egg or none of it at all.

By the time you’re done figuring out breakfast it’s dinner time.

It reminds me of a quote by Mitchell Kapor:  “Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”  There are too many “experts” saying too many things, few of them agree with each other, and everybody sounds convincing.

Most people react to all this noise in one of two ways:  they try to take in all of it at once and get confused, or they stop listening altogether and eat whatever they want.

Trying to take everybody’s advice at the same time is a recipe for failure.  Diets only work when you follow all of their rules and only their rules.  You can’t just take part of one diet, put it in another diet, and expect it to work.  For example, sweet potatoes may help you lose weight on the Paleo diet, but you may gain weight if you include them in the no-carb Atkins diet.  It’s a critical concept, but it feels like nobody talks about it.  All we see is “sweet potatoes are magic” from one source and “sweet potatoes are the devil” from another.

Ignoring expert opinion and eating whatever doesn’t work either.  That’s how people end up trying to burn fat with diets made exclusively of pop-tarts and froyo.

Fortunately, there’s a simple method to finding the truth about which foods you should eat to lose weight and feel amazing.

First, remember that everybody is built differently.  What works for you may not work for me.

Preferences are also important.  Don’t force yourself to eat foods you can’t stand just because someone says they’re healthy.  Losing a few pounds isn’t worth hating your life.

The key is to find foods that help YOU lose weight, and that YOU enjoy.

All it takes to do that correctly is 3 simple steps:  Focus, Test, and Asses.

Focus:  Pick one strategy and only one strategy.  That way you’ll know if it works, if you like it and – most importantly – if it’s something you’ll stick to.  Try cutting out sugar, eliminating gluten, or eating a big salad every day.

Test:  Apply the strategy consistently for at least 2 weeks.  Anything less and you won’t know how well it works or if you’ll stick to it long-term.  Weigh yourself every other day to measure progress.  Do it first thing in the morning on your bathroom scale.  Make sure it’s calibrated correctly.

Assess:  Determine whether you should keep the strategy or return to the Focus step and try something else.  Did you lose weight and enjoy the process?  How do you feel compared to before you applied the strategy?

It may take few more weeks after the Assess step for a strategy to become a habit.  At that point you’ll just eat that way without thinking about it, and it will be easy to add another strategy.  For example, if you started with cutting out sugar you could try drinking 10 cups of water every day, or not eating after 7pm.  Start at the Focus step, pick another strategy, then Test and Assess.

Use this method and you won’t have to take expert opinion at face value.  You’ll find out what works for YOU, and soon you’ll have a set of just-for-you weight loss guidelines that help you burn fat, feel amazing, and love the way you eat.
There are lots of effective weight-loss eating strategies you can try, but you don’t have to come up with them on your own.  I made a handy pdf of my favorites so all you have to do is check the list and pick one to start burning fat even faster.  To get your copy, click here.