Wanna play a board game?

My ten year old daughter asks this question several times a week and many times we can be found on the floor of the living room playing some kind of game.

Our go-to games are usually Uno or Yahtzee, but lately my girls and I have been playing Clue a lot – we play an abbreviate version that let’s us get right to the guessing without having to roll the dice and count spaces. We enjoy it.

I need new game ideas, folks. What games do you enjoy playing or remember playing when you were a kid?

Here’s what we have at home:



Chutes & Ladders (we haven’t played this one in a while)

Candy Land (also not played in a while since my youngest is now ten years old)

Hedbands (the game where you wear a card on your headband and you have to ask questions to guess what the card is)

Apples to Apples

Logo (for 12 and up – I need to get the kid version)

Sorry & Sorry Spin (Sorry spin has got to be the most boring game EVER – I have no patience for that game)


Trouble (we rarely play this. For some reason, my kids just never really enjoyed it, but I loved it as a kid)


Monopoly (I hate Monopoly)


Operation (a lot of the pieces are missing, I think)

Connect Four

Aggravation (I think we might not have this one anymore – too many pieces missing so I tossed it)



Cards – we play Books mostly with a deck of cards.

That’s all I can think of right now. So you see, we have the basics but we need some new ones. I like getting recommendations because board games aren’t as inexpensive as they used to be. I hate to spend $20 or more on a game that we won’t end up playing.

What are your favorite games and what games did you like when you were a kid?



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  1. 2 All time favorites — GOBLET and BLOCKUS – Kids can play but adults will be challenged too! We’ve had both for years and we still pull them out….

  2. We love 2 card games, 5 Crowns and Skipbo plus a dice game, Farkel.

  3. My daughters are 10 and 12. We really like Wits and Wagers, Jenga, and Phase 10.

  4. Spot It!! There are lots of different varieties (we have the original, Frozen version, and Shopkins). It’s a card game that both my 9 and 7 year old love. It’s fast paced.

  5. Quirkle and Farkle…we love Yahtzee and Blockus and these have a similar challenge piece.

  6. We have a lot of board games but the ones we actually play include: Trivial Pursuit and an all-science similar game that I can’t remember the name of (still packed in a box somewhere right now!), Carcasonne where you lay out random tiles and claim cities, Munchkin which is a card game sort of related to Dungeons and Dragons but quick and hilarious (wear the Boots of Butt-Kicking or get bonus points for an Impressive-Sounding Title!) and Dungeon Pets where you adopt little monsters and look after them and put them in beauty competitions. We don’t own Quirkle but that is a good one. Greed is a quick dice game (do you accept what you have or risk it all to roll again?). Oh, and Articulate is good for a slightly larger group of people, you have to make them say the word: so if the word is “kitten” you could tell them “baby cat” but a lot of words are a lot harder than that! Its the one we play most at parties.

  7. I like Jenga and Kerplunk. I’m crazy about labyrinth maze games with marbles. We play card games a lot … go fish, war, rummy. I taught my kids a bunch of different solitaire games too.

  8. We play mostly card games (that you play with regular decks) – Kings in the Corner, Euchre, Hearts, Gin or Gin Rummy, Golf, Tic, Canasta, etc. all of these can be played by kids. We keep decks of cards in glove compartments of all the cars. The girls keep a deck in their purses too.

    We love the card version of Monopoly called Monopoly Deal (shorter game). We love Phase Ten and Skipbo.

    We love Rummikub which is a tile game. We also play the regular deck card version which is called Bikini.

    (I think a ten year old can play the full versions of these games, does not need kids version. My kids play pretty sophisticated games at early ages.)

    • Uno and Yahtzee (that you mentioned) are really good, I agree.

      We used to play Scrabble a lot. We played on line version, Words with Friends, too.

      I do not enjoy chess but my kids and husband do. Husband and son play against each other on line regularly. The kids start playing at young age. (Honestly it hurts my brain to try to think ahead that far. Stressful game to me.)

  9. You guys are THE BEST. Such great ideas – THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  10. At resale shop today, wandering while husband was at library. What did I see? Qwirkle. I remember it being in the recommendations. I asked if I could open it to see if the pieces were all there. 108 tile pieces later, we realized it was intact. Directions included. $5. Sold. It looks very fun.

  11. Lately we have been enjoying Sushi Go, Catan Junior, and Forbidden Island (cooperative).

  12. Sequence – it’s a lot of fun. They have versions for kids too but the adult game isn’t too hard for 10+

  13. Remembered this post.
    Thanksgiving break
    2017 – Bananagrams.
    Played for hours. Very fun.

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