My ten year old daughter asks this question several times a week and many times we can be found on the floor of the living room playing some kind of game.

Our go-to games are usually Uno or Yahtzee, but lately my girls and I have been playing Clue a lot – we play an abbreviate version that let’s us get right to the guessing without having to roll the dice and count spaces. We enjoy it.

I need new game ideas, folks. What games do you enjoy playing or remember playing when you were a kid?

Here’s what we have at home:



Chutes & Ladders (we haven’t played this one in a while)

Candy Land (also not played in a while since my youngest is now ten years old)

Hedbands (the game where you wear a card on your headband and you have to ask questions to guess what the card is)

Apples to Apples

Logo (for 12 and up – I need to get the kid version)

Sorry & Sorry Spin (Sorry spin has got to be the most boring game EVER – I have no patience for that game)


Trouble (we rarely play this. For some reason, my kids just never really enjoyed it, but I loved it as a kid)


Monopoly (I hate Monopoly)


Operation (a lot of the pieces are missing, I think)

Connect Four

Aggravation (I think we might not have this one anymore – too many pieces missing so I tossed it)



Cards – we play Books mostly with a deck of cards.

That’s all I can think of right now. So you see, we have the basics but we need some new ones. I like getting recommendations because board games aren’t as inexpensive as they used to be. I hate to spend $20 or more on a game that we won’t end up playing.

What are your favorite games and what games did you like when you were a kid?