It’s the season of self-care

Hallo from the other side (of the turkey)!

Did all of my American readers get sufficiently stuffed over the long weekend? I know I did. A little too stuffed, but that’s okay, I had a good time with my family and that’s all that counts, right? 🙂

During these next 4 weeks, it’s going to be especially important to take care of ourselves in the midst of buying gifts for our loved ones and going to obligatory company parties and the general freaking-out that goes along with trying to get everything done and ready before Christmas.

I’ve already started taking care of myself by making a broccoli salad to eat on all week at work. It’s loaded with good things and makes me feel really good after eating it.

Broccoli, red onion, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, & shredded cheese. It’s my new BFF. 

Also, yesterday I decided that I wanted to take a bath. I haven’t taken a bath in YEARS. No, I’m not a Smelly Cat, I just typically take showers because our bathtub is in our kids bathroom but yesterday at around noon, I decided I would treat myself to a real honest to goodness BATH. You know what time I finally took that bath? 10:15 pm. It took me ten hours, but by golly I did it. And I might just do it again sooner rather than later because I do love a good soak.

Not my bathtub but omg can you imagine? If this were mine, I’d never leave it. 


Because today is Cyber Monday, I ordered myself a little somethin’somethin’ from the internet.



These soaps are my favorite AND now there’s a body cream to go with it. Squee! I was sort of on the fence as to whether I should order these or not until I finished checking out and noticed how excited I was that they were on their way to me. So yes, it was the right decision to order myself a little treat. Every little bit of happiness helps. 🙂

Make a pact with yourself that you are going to do something nice for yourself every day until Christmas (I don’t mean for you stop doing things for yourself after December 25, but make it a PRIORITY to treat yo’self every day up to then – maybe by then it’ll be a habit. Sneaky! )treat yo self


6 thoughts on “It’s the season of self-care

  1. I love it!! I am treating myself to a walk every day. I’ve been aiming for two miles, but one is acceptable and three is a real treat. I got in five miles on Saturday. Talk about awesome! It’s so nice to walk outside, breathe the cold, fresh air and hear the quiet. I usually hike, but that involves a car trip and walking requires a jacket, gloves and sneakers. I can set out right from my door. I do love to take baths and do so in the winter. I also enjoy hot tea, which I drink a lot of in the colder months. Glad you got the bath.

  2. We’ve just moved house and the ensuite bathroom is huge with an enormous spa bath (which may or may not have been the selling point for me!). Actually it turns out I’d prefer a more normal size bath because this one takes half an hour to fill and I feel guilty about using so much water. But it’s a nice treat. It’s hot weather here but I’ll probably use it a lot more in winter. I’m pretty sure it’s designed for a two-person party, but my fat rolls and I aren’t comfortable with that at this point.

  3. Good morning! Well, I don’t need a reminder to practice self-care. I’m almost too good at it 🙂 Plus, its birthday season, so I am extra nice to myself.

    Your broc. salad is almost like mine, except you have cheese and I have bacon. You reminded me how much I like it–gonna pick up some broccoli at the store today!

    Its such a simple thing, but I discovered that I really like peppermint tea. I have a big cup of it almost every mid-morning. I’m hoping to find Trader Joe’s holiday blend that adds a little vanilla. Yumm. I’m glad that you’re practicing being kind to yourself!

    1. Oh I do put bacon in it too! I just put a little bit of both bacon and cheese because YUM. And I think you’re the one who got me started drinking Candy Cane tea – was that you? I love it in the winter! 🙂

  4. I love this! ❤ That is an amazing pact to make with yourself! There's nothing like self-care to make us happy! 🙂 I agree with you, we deserve at least one completely joyous moment each day. I found that when we spend money on things that make us happy (yes, like the wonderful body care items we adore), the gift keeps on giving because it makes us happy each time we use it! So I wish you a bit of happiness with each use of your Satsuma and Mint products! 🙂
    And baths are a complete luxury treatment, I have no idea why we started putting showers in every house lol. I feel like a complete queen when I add essential oils, burn some candles, and play some soft music! You've inspired me to take a bath, its been a while! A bath a day to take every stress away =D

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