Certain events lately have led me to believe that I should probably give up the moo juice (and all of its related delights) for my health.

I have a mild form of rosacea and it never occurred to me that my rosacea flare ups could be related to my dairy consumption until I read someone’s blog post a couple of years ago about how they made the connection (and I canNOT for the life of me remember whose it was – if it was you, shout out in the comments please!!).  I didn’t really change my habits because I wasn’t drinking a lot of milk at the time, but thinking back, I was probably still eating cheese, sour cream, and yogurt on the regular. I still don’t drink a lot of milk (I put a splash of it in my coffee every morning though) but I have been consuming large amounts of brie lately. I can definitely tell when I’ve had a weekend of too much dairy because by Monday morning my face is as splotchy as a Jackson Pollock painting. 1275431_orig


Fast forward to this weekend when I kept burping all weekend long (honest confession: I burp all the time. Sexy, I know) and I decided to Google “Why do I burp so much” that I ran across this article that says excessive burping might be caused by lactose intolerance. Really??? I’ve never heard that before, but it could be true, I suppose. I do put milk in my coffee, and sour cream is always a favorite, and then there’s my unfortunate (but delicious) brie addiction…I’m coming to the curious conclusion that I might need to nix the dairy as an experiment for awhile.

Le sigh.

So I am definitely going to cut back and maybe swap out some of my dairy favorites for things like almond milk and goat cheese (does goat cheese still count as dairy???) and cut way back on the amount of sour cream I use. I’m not upset about it…just curious to see what will happen. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyone else come to this conclusion before? Did you have to give up something you loved for your health? Was it worth it? Chime in below!

(Fun fact: I had to go through this post several times and correct the mistake of typing diary instead of dairy. Sheesh! )