I want to go to there

I grabbed a walk Sunday morning and was just overcome with gratefulness at the gorgeous scenery and the fact that I have such a wonderful resource close by. I realized that I am supremely blessed to have a safe, well-kept area in which to walk. I couldn’t help snapping a few pics during my half hour in the park and wanted to share them with you.

In my town, there is a man-made lake with a park, disc golf, walking trails (the trails are actually 8 foot sidewalks that wind throughout the park), biking trails, and lots of trees in which woodland animals scurry about. In the town just south of us – about 20 minutes away – there is no park. I mean, that town has a huge casino and lots of shopping, but no real park in which to take your kids to play or walk or just kick back and enjoy a picnic. Believe me, I searched ALL OVER that little town looking for a nice place to walk during my lunch hour (I work near there) and there was nary a spot for such an activity. If a nice park exists in that town, it is unknown to me. So when I realized what a treasure I have in my own little town, I felt a great deal of gratitude.

I mean just look at this view:


Beautiful, right?

Right now with all the leaves turning, it is just spectacular.


It’s almost ridiculous how pretty the park is right now.





I puffy heart this place so bad. It is peaceful and it smells like trees and dirt and leaves – in the best possible way. I want to hug this park and rest my head on it’s shoulder and slow dance with it. I got it bad for this place.

Do you have a favorite place that makes you happy just being there?

3 thoughts on “I want to go to there

  1. There is a relatively small mountain not too far from where I live… I love to hike to the top and sit and look out at the view. I feel like I am so small there and that God is in control. It really does make me happy. I’ve expanded my hiking locations this fall and have gone to several places in Western Massachusetts, but I still love Peaked Mountain because it’s so close to my house.

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