Quick Question

I have a quick question for you:

What does self care mean to you and do you feel that it is essential or indulgent? Why do you think that way? And do you wish you thought differently about self care? 

Okay that was actually, like, 4 questions but I’m curious to see how you all will answer them! Fire away in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Self-care is essential. I feel this way because I have seen what happens when a person does not make wellness a priority. What good is a person if they are sick? Or depressed? Or unhappy?

    That is not to say that indulgences are not often disguised as “self-care” and vice versa. I don’t think this is a black-and-white scenario. However, taking care of your general well-being is not only important for yourself; it’s also important for everyone that you often put as a higher priority than your own self-care.

    At the end of the day, I think self-care really boils down to what makes a person happy and fulfilled. Everyone’s priorities are different. But when you are genuinely happy and fulfilled, that spills into all other areas of your life. I truly believe that.

  2. What does self care mean to you? Self care means taking the time to do the things that make you healthy and happy. Eating healthy, exercise, readying, hobbies, quality time spent with friends, and taking a break from the stuff you are obligated to do all the time.

    essential or indulgent? ESSENTIAL

    Why do you think that way? Who doesn’t want to be happy and the best version of oneself ? And if you are not making yourself happy, how can you possibly make others happy. I think many people get this wrong… they end up giving 100% to their kids/family/job, and end up grumpy, unhealthy, unsatisfied, resentful, unhappy, etc.

    And do you wish you thought differently about self care? No, I think I have it right. But sometimes it is a real struggle to remember what is important to you, and to say NO sometimes or let go of the need for control and let others help, to honor what you need and want.

  3. Self-care to me is making sure you don’t always put everyone else’s needs and wants ahead of your own and I feel it is absolutely essential. If you yourself are not feeling fulfilled, happy and healthy (both physically and mentally) you’re in no shape to care for those around you.

    That’s not to say that I practice what I preach and I wish I didn’t sometimes feel
    selfish in doing what’s best for me at a given moment. But it’s something I’ve decided to actively work on.

  4. Well, you got some good answers! A long time ago, I don’t remember if I came up with this or if someone else said it… but that verse “love your neighbor as yourself”–the “as yourself” meant that you had to love yourself or how else would you be able to love someone else? And that means (to me) taking care of yourself so that you are able to freely care for others. That said, there is probably a fine line between self care and selfish.

    I have known a number of women who took care of everyone around them, and didn’t give a lick of time to themselves. It seems good on the surface, but then those women become sad, depressed, or needy/clingy when they don’t get back what they have given to others. A little self-care would have prevented that. Maybe 🙂

  5. Your questions is quick, but the answer isn’t. I’ve been pondering the answer for a couple of days now. It’s like, who am I to write anything about self-care because I am so bad at it. I appreciate and agree with the others’ answers above.

    My self-essential often turns to self-indulgent — “Getting up early to exercise- UGH! I’m happier sleeping in. Counting calories- UGH! I’m happier eating however much I want. Go to bed early? But I wanna stay up to watch this movie; that’s what makes me happy. Getting dressed and ready for the day? I’m happier in sweats and a ponytail; it’s less effort..”

    The net value of making an effort, though, is a sustaining inner peace. I need to say “no” to my inner brat that feels I have to get what I want all the time in order to be happy.

    I care for my children by providing mostly nutritious fuel for their bodies, reminding them to stay hydrated, encouraging a balance of work and play, taking them to their sport activities, and setting a bedtime for their much-needed rest. But I don’t do those things for myself.

    Why don’t I think I deserve the same kind of care as I give my kids?

    No answers, just lots of pondering. I gotta say, though, I *did* just get out of an abusive relationship with my religion. That’s a step towards self-care. 🙂

    1. “Why don’t I think I deserve the same kind of care as I give my kids?”

      Just smacked me upside the head. Why don’t we?

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