Lately I’ve been focusing on how I can empower myself throughout the day. In plain-speak, that means I find ways to be kick-ass.

At work, I am my shop’s IT department (I know enough about computers to be dangerous, but really not much more than that) so when we got a new computer I thought “oh I’ll just hook that up real quick, no big deal” at which point The Universe said “HAHAHAHAHA!”

An hour later (on my LUNCH hour, no less) I was cussing at said computer because I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t update the drivers on the desktop printer so the whole thing would work as a well oiled machine LIKE IT’S SUPPOSED TO.

Me: “Okay fine, I’ll just download the software and reload the whole dang thing.”

Computer: “Unable to download software”

Me: “$*&@#%!”

So finally I decided to bypass the aging and worthless desktop printer and connect to the network printer instead.

And after a bit of searching and clicking…Cha-ching! Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

So even though The Universe tried to knock me down, I got back up and punched it in the face. No way was I gonna let it get me down.


Have you done something kick-ass lately? Did you find a way to be awesome when an obstacle was thrown at you? Shout it out in the comments – this is your time to shine.