Thanks for all of your help with my super serious problem. When I got to the store, the only colors they had in my size were navy, black, white, and…purple. Like really bright purple-y purple. They were pretty, but wouldn’t coordinate with my wardrobe very well. I waffled between the navy and the white ones for quite some time and the race was neck and neck for awhile but I finally brought in a heavy hitter: my nine year old daughter. It didn’t take her long to declare that the navy looked better on me and honestly, I was relieved that she chose that one because I secretly wanted it all along. Although, I will probably go back and get the white ones because they are just cute and classic.

I have to admit though…these are some of the most UNCOMFORTABLE shoes I have ever worn. There is no arch support and very little cushioning in the insole. Loosening the laces helped, but ultimately I had to put my plantar fasciitis inserts in the shoes and that made a huge difference. I had hoped to take these with me on a trip this weekend where I’ll be walking around a lot (doing some sightseeing) but I’m not sure I could stand a whole day on my feet in these. At least not yet.

These will be fine for running errands on the weekends and for casual Friday at my office (actually we have casual Monday – Friday. It’s a very laid back office, but I do try to dress in appropriate work attire). I hope the more I wear them, the more comfy they’ll get. *fingers crossed*