I have an extremely important and super serious problem on my hands. I need the advice of my tribe, which is you guys, because I just cannot make this important decision without careful consideration and lots of feedback.

It’s super serious, you guys.



I’m currently updating my spring/summer shoe wardrobe and I need some go-to sneaks to add to the collection. And don’t be fooled…I’ve only bought 2 pair of shoes so far and these Chucks will round out the “wardrobe”. I’ve got my Orthoheel/Vionic flip flops that I bought last year that are still in very good condition for just kicking around the house, and I added a pair of black wedge sandals and a pair of blue wedges to wear with things that are a little bit dressier. So adding these will probably be the only shoes I buy until fall.

I typically buy a few pair of shoes and then wear the ever-livin’ daylights out of them all season long, so by the time summer is over they are wrecked. Maybe I should buy more shoes, too spead out the wearing and subsequent wrecking that is sure to follow?? More shoes are never a bad idea in my opinion.

So tell me, tribe…which pair of Chucks should I get? I’m leaning toward the navy ones…I think they’ll go with anything. But the white ones are cool too…

This is why I need your help. Please weigh in on this very serious issue in the comments!!