Man, I had a fantastic weekend. We were snowed in all weekend long and I loved every single minute of it! Usually my weekends are spent running errands and running kids around and running to the store and just running running running (and not the kind of running that requires good shoes and a Garmin) and weekends spent like that tend to go by pretty darn fast. But the last two days I had nowhere to go and it was FABULOUS.

I had time to clean things that desperately needed cleaning (fridge, oven, microwave) and tackle the laundry mountain and read magazines and take naps and make yummy dinners and get caught up on my DVR shows…it was the perfect balance of productivity and laziness. And the most surprising part is that I didn’t have the urge to sit around and eat all weekend as I am usually wont to do.  Typically snowy weekends are spent eating for 48 hours straight but this time I just didn’t have the desire to do that this time. Feels like a major victory to me!

Speaking of the DVR, Saturday afternoon during one of my well-earned breaks I was flipping around my DVR’d shows and found a nice surprise: sometime earlier in the week my husband came across a Duran Duran concert on AXS tv and he recorded it for me! This tiny little thing really touched me because he has no interest in Duran Duran whatsoever, but because he knows I have an affinity for this group from my teenage years, he knew I would enjoy watching this. It’s little things like this that keep the spark alive. ❤

I really hope the bad weather will move out soon – it’s actually supposed to be pretty nice this coming weekend – highs in the upper 50s, but I’m very appreciative that I got to be snowed in for a couple of days. I need to schedule in weekends like this more often, even if the weather doesn’t force it.