It’s a very dangerous enterprise to set a goal on which we’re not willing to follow through. If we want to lose five pounds, we’d better do it and we’d better do it with absolute conviction because, quite frankly, we don’t have the time or the inclination to disappoint ourselves. The success or foundering of our lives depends upon it.

Rob Sulaver –

This quote is part of a larger article that I saw this morning on Greatist and it really resonated with me. I love this quote! It’s about building trust with yourself – if you tell yourself you’re going to do something, you should probably do it. I think I have a hard time trusting myself because I’ve let myself down time and time again. I call this “letting myself off the hook” and what it really means is that even though I might say, for example, I’m going to get up and workout in the morning, more often than not, I don’t follow through, which makes me feel disappointed, which often leads to negative self talk.

Which leads me to another quote I saw when Googling “trust quotes” that I thought was apropo:

I like myself pretty well, but this is definitely an issue for me. Not ironically, I read another post this morning about that same issue: Do You Trust Yourself on the Removing the Fluff blog. When things like this come up in the same day, I am curious. When they come up within the same hour…I pay very close attention because Someone is obviously trying to tell me something. I think this is Detour #2 and I should start working on it asap.


Do you feel like you have a lot of self-trust? How do you develop that? Share in the comments because I really want to know!