Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

So, I’m here to talk about Valentine’s Day, but maybe not in the way you would expect. Definitely make sure to tell your family and friends that you love them, but don’t forget to show yourselves a little love too. I know I can be one of those who busts my behind trying to make sure I shower my family with special treats and extra hugs and kisses, but this year, I’m not leaving myself out. Here’s just a few ways I plan on being my own Valentine this year:

  • I’m going to spend an hour leisurely flipping through a magazine cover to cover in one sitting. I LOVE doing this – for some reason, it is really satisfying to just quietly read a magazine while everyone else is watching TV or doing whatever they’re doing around me. It’s a nice little escape in the midst of a busy day.
  • I’m going to take a nice hot bath with some homemade bath salts. I rarely, I mean RARELY, give myself the gift of just taking some time to soak in the tub. For one thing, our only bathtub is in my kids bathroom, and sometimes it’s not the most pleasant place to visit, but I’m going to scrub the bathroom and take long soak. I’ll probably have to do this early in the morning, but it will be worth it.
  • I am going to make my annual Valentine’s Day cake. I have 2 heart shaped pans and I always make a cake for VDay. Although the cake is always tasty, it’s the baking and decorating that I really find satisfying.
  • I’m going to let myself spend some time catching up on my DVR’ed shows. I’ve 2 episodes of Downton Abbey, 1 episode of Agent Carter, and 2 episodes of The Goldbergs to catch up on. I’m a little more excited about this than I probably should be.

Those might not sound like much, but these are things that fill me up and make me feel refreshed and renewed. Your homework for the weekend is to find a couple of things that make you feel renewed and DO THEM WITHOUT GUILT. Need some ideas? Maybe you need an hour to yourself to do some restorative yoga (note to self: do some restorative yoga this weekend) or maybe cooking soothes your soul…maybe just taking a couple of hours to sit in a quiet library and read (doesn’t that sound awesome?!) is what you need. Maybe it’s drawing or singing at the top of your lungs or painting your bedroom a new color…whatever it is…I give you permission…NAY, I COMMAND you to do something that floats your boat.

For the sake of your soul and everyone else around you, go do something for YOU and enjoy every minute of it. ❤

Share what it is that fills you up and makes you feel refreshed in the comments. Your idea might be just what someone else needs to hear!