Hey gang!

I made a purchase last week that I wanted to share with all of you desk jockeys out there who might not have access to a microwave or a kitchen (or a clean one, anyway). Where I work, I do have access to a break room with an old used microwave, but it is in another building about 100 feet from my office. For various reasons, I prefer to eat at my desk where I can read or catch up on blogs in relative peace and quiet, away from the manly chatter of the football games or fishing stories of my coworkers. Since I eat at my desk, if I had food that needed warming up I would go out to the break room, heat up my lunch, and carry it back to my office, which isn’t a huge ordeal, but if it is raining out, or very windy, it can become a bit of a nuisance.

Then this little guy showed up on my radar (I don’t remember where I first saw it – somewhere in the vast ocean of the internet) and I thought this might be a nice solution to the slight inconvenience I was dealing with.

Behold! I give you THE LUNCH CROCK!


This is a little food warmer that sits on a base (which can be detached, so the base can stay on my desk while I carry the crock to and from home) that plugs in to an outlet, and it warms up to 24 oz of food. This does not cook the food, just warms it up to a nice toasty temp so it is hot and ready to eat at lunch time.

Here it is sitting on its base on my desk, tucked away nicely:


I had made some white chili over the weekend and had refrigerated the leftovers, so I scooped some out from the refrigerated container into the metal bowl of the crock. I came in this morning and turned it on just after 8:00 am and by the time I had lunch at 11:00 am, the food was piping hot and ready to eat. I did give the food inside a stir at about 9:30 am but I don’t know that this would be absolutely necessary. While it was warming, I did not smell the food at all. There was no hint that I was heating up a spicy chili at my desk whatsoever.

Inside the crock is a small metal bowl covered by a plastic lid with a handy ring to aid in getting the lid off. So far, this lid is leak proof – no evidence of liquid anywhere when I opened the outer white screw-on lid. When I pulled off the inner lid, there was a small amount of liquid that dripped off, but it was only a small amount and next time I will be sure to let it drip first back onto the food before dripping it onto my jeans again. :/


You can leave the bowl inside the outer crock, or you can take the bowl out and eat from that. I was worried that it would be too hot to take out, but after a few minutes I lifted the bowl out and was able to hold the bowl by the rim – the bottom part where all of the food was held was warmer than the top, but not so hot that I couldn’t hold it. I would be super careful though, because I imagine it could get very hot, since it is metal.

Here is my tasty lunch, all nice and hot, waiting to be devoured by me.

That’s about 1.5 cups of white chili in there.

This is the first time I have used this little guy, but I am certain I will be using this quite a bit from now on. I plan on testing it out on solid foods this week as well – I’m curious to see how a baked chicken breast and a sweet potato would work in it. Since it is a food WARMER, I would imagine it would work quiet well – I might need to add a tad of liquid – but I think the food would turn out better than if it were microwaved. I’ll let you all know how that works after I do it.

I believe that replacement parts and extra metal crocks can be purchased on the Crock Pot website, which would be handy if you wanted to keep several servings in the fridge at a time.

I’m excited about my new little friend. I think it’s going to make my lunch hour even more enjoyable. 🙂

This is not a sponsored/paid review. I purchased this Lunch Crock Food Warmer with my own money and all opinions are mine.