Hey Gang!

Ugh. I had a rough weekend – I was sick, but not really sick…on Friday morning I woke up feeling more tired than usual and slogged through the day, then on Saturday it was all I could do to finish my grocery shopping and get home to crash on the couch. Yesterday I stayed in my pjs until 7pm, whereupon I took a shower and changed into new pjs so basically I never got out of pjs at all yesterday. Overwhelming fatigue is the best description I can come up with for how I felt. I sort of felt like I was getting a cold…but not exactly…and my stomach felt weird…but not really nauseous. I don’t know what it was, but I took approximately 13 naps yesterday and still felt bone weary. I pretty much just checked out of life all weekend long…I did manage to lose a few games of Uno to my 9 year old, so I’ve got that going for me. Still not feeling 100% today, but I’m at work because I’m a trooper and have incredible work ethic (and also because I can just sit on my bum all day at my desk if I want to).

I also charged my Fitbit on Friday night and I think I took it off the charger sometime Saturday (it may have been Sunday, I’m not exactly certain) and I carried it…somewhere. And now it is MIA and I honestly have no clue where it might be. Actually I do have a clue – there’s a possibility it has sunk in to the depths of the couch, but I didn’t look for it because see above paragraph re: debilitating fatigue (dramatic much?). So I am Fitbitless for the time being which really irritates me because I like knowing how much I haven’t moved in a day. Not wearing my Fitbit is like forgetting to put on deodorant – not fatal, but very uncomfortable.

Aaaand I’ve just run out of coffee. This day is ridiculous.

Aaaaaaaaand I just realized I missed Downton Abbey last night. What the what?!? Dang it! Thank goodness for DVRs.

In related British news – Tom Hiddleston is going to be making a miniseries with Hugh Laurie on AMC and I am freaking out a little bit excited about that. I might be the teensiest bit of a secret fangirl when it comes to Tom Hiddleston – he’s at the very top of my Celebrity Husbands list. Hugh Laurie might also be on that list, although a little further down the line. And that is your Sassy Pear trivia for today: Jill enjoys her the Brits! 🙂

In totally un-British un-related news – I have a calf muscle!!! All that Zumba is paying off because I have a kick-ass well-defined calf muscle. It’s beautiful, really. And bonus!! I have one on each leg! Woohoo!!

I can feel this post getting weirder by the minute, so I should probably wrap it up for today.