2015 Goals

Happy New Year! Yes, I realize it’s the fourth of January, but hey, better late than never!

So according to all the blogs I’ve been reading, there are some of you who made resolutions and some of you who did not and some of you who are somewhere in the middle – you didn’t make resolutions as much as you made “I’d like to accomplish these things” lists. As for me, I really have only one sorta-resolution. Okay, maybe two.

My 2015 Resolutions are:

1) Be more intentional about staying in touch with my family and friends in 2015. Little things like sending birthday cards, or making phone calls, or scheduling lunch dates will be a priority for me in this coming year. I’ll do this by looking at my calendar at the beginning of each month and buying cards and gifts and mailing them ahead of time instead of thinking “hmm…I think it might be someone’s birthday today but I can’t remember whose…” I will be more intentional about doing these things ahead of time and actually staying in touch with people. I really slacked off on this in the last couple of years.

2) I am going to develop the habits and skills that will allow me to continue to get healthy, lose fat, and gain muscle. I think I made a great start in 2014, but now it’s time to step it up a bit. I’m questioning some limiting beliefs that I have and continuing to work on habits that will serve me instead of hold me back. I’m going to continue working with Selvera for as long as they’ll have me and also, I’m ready to put forth more effort in my exercise routine. Time to get off my duff and add a couple more days in addition to Zumba.

Okay wait…I’m going to add one more resolution just for kicks:

3) Step up my fashion game. I have 3 gorgeous nieces and a very fashionable sister and whenever I am with them, I am reminded of how little effort I actually put into how I look.I saw them over the holiday and they all just look so great. Since we all have the same genes, I think it’s not too much of a stretch to say that I can look great too if I want.  I just got a new haircut and hit the jackpot at the Old Navy clearance racks, so I’m already started with this one, but again, I need to be more intentional about what I’m wearing. It’s true…when you look good, you feel good and I want to feel good as often as I can. So yay!! More shopping in my future! 🙂

That about wraps it up for my New Year post. I’m including a picture in this post with the intent of comparing it to an end of the year photo, so don’t let me forget to do that, okay? Cool, thanks.

Happy January!
Happy January!

8 thoughts on “2015 Goals

  1. I love that you’re going to work on staying in touch. We often lose sight of what’s most important to us and for me I’m so used to putting my family on the backburner because I know they’ll always be there. I learned during Christmas that life is too short when someone close to us got sick… each moment counts. Have to make it worth it.

  2. Love the new haircut – you look so pretty! And I agree with you on dressing better to feel better about yourself. All of your goals sound really satisfying. Happy New Year!!

  3. Those sound like good goals. Not too many. Achievable. You are very pretty–no matter what you’re wearing, that won’t change. Happy New Year, friend!

  4. Love the haircut!

    I had 2 weeks off and wore (except for the holidays) only jeans and a sweater. Now that I am back at work I have to dress up again but truth be told, I feel better about myself now I pay attention again to how I look.

    Great resolutions!

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