Well, I did NOT get sick the day before Thanksgiving, thank goodness, and I was able to pull off another successful Family Feast. You know how I was whining about having so much to do, yada yada yada? Turns out, my kids are awesome – they did 98% of the cleaning and set up while I was out running a last minute errand – they all pulled together and kicked some house-cleaning tail!! So thankful for those kids. ❤ All I had to do was the cooking, which my daughter also helped me with, so it was actually pretty easy overall.

After the all the festivities of Thursday, on Friday all I wanted to do was lay around in my pjs and watch movies with my kids, which is what we did for most of the day. It was bliss!! I needed a day to just do nothing and not think about anything other than Thor’s beefy muscles (excuse me while I swoon). On Saturday I was a bit more productive and put up the Christmas tree, decorated it and the rest of the house, cleaned out part of our storage shed, and took my girls to the park because it was a crazy 76 degrees outside – can you believe that?!? Can you also believe today’s high is only 32 degrees?

Go home Oklahoma weather! You’re drunk!

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon cleaning the floor on my side of the bed because the books were overflowing and my husband was threatening to come in with a bulldozer and clean them all out. I dug an old bookcase out of our storage shed and set all my books on it. To look at my books, you would think that I’m Super Thin Christian Girl since most of the books I own are either about religion or dieting. Well, we all know I’m no expert on either topic, which is probably why I feel the need to keep buying books about them. To be fair, most books that I buy now are in ebook form – my Kindle is still my most prized possession, so I haven’t bought an actual book-book in a long time. I have to say, that having that area clean is a goooood feeling, and I love how the book case looks at the foot of my bed. If I think about it, I’ll take a picture, but don’t hold your breath on that one. 🙂

Okay, so it’s confession time. I ate ALL THE THINGS over the weekend. If it was there, I ate it. Most of the time it went like this:

Me (opening fridge): “Hmmm, wonder what’s in here?”

Pie: “Hey. How’s it going?”

Me: Shoves pie in face.

Aaand scene.

Feel free to substitute PIE with any other food that had the misfortune to be within my grasp and you’ll get an idea of how it went for the last four days.

I just didn’t want to think about food over the weekend and what I mean is, I didn’t want to think about fighting it off. I feel like so much of my days are spent in a tug of war with food. When I’m focused and actively making an effort to eat healthy, I do well, but sometimes I get so tired of being careful. This weekend I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And it’s not that I really wanted the food, I just wanted to not THINK about whether or not I wanted it. Does that make sense? My brain is a weird and confusing place sometimes. :/

So now I’m back to eating well and drinking tons of water (I drank very little water over the long weekend, I did however drink plenty of wine.) and trying to move more. I haven’t stepped on the scale and don’t plan to at least until Thursday – I need a few days before I face that number.

I’ve got Zumba on tap for Tuesday and Wednesday evening and I’m trying to talk myself into spending at least 20 minutes on the treadmill tonight, Thursday, and Saturday. We’ll see how that goes. I dread getting on the treadmill, so I figure if I tell myself that I only have to do 20 intense minutes, that will be good enough.

I hope you all had a good weekend – only 24 days until my next long weekend. WOOHOO!!