Be a good mom or be good to myself?

I have a conundrum…tonight is Zumba night…but tonight is also when 2 of my kids need help working on posters for different school projects. Zumba is from 7:00-8:00 but I would be gone from about 6:40 – 8:15 (prime project-making time). I’ll also have to fix dinner before I leave, so working on the projects before Zumba won’t really be an option.

I could get them started on their projects, go to Zumba, then come back and help them finish up…


I can skip Zumba for tonight and just help them with their projects.

Points of interest:

  • My husband is out of town so he’s not available to help the kiddos
  • I haven’t worked out or exercised all week, so it’s not like I’m afraid of messing up a solid work out schedule
  • One of the kiddos is 17 and can probably manage this project on his own, but it’s his poster for Senior Night and I sort of feel like I should help him with it (it’s due tomorrow).
  • youngest’s project isn’t due until Monday but she’s a go-getter and will continue to nag at me until we get it finished. She wants to start it and finish it tonight.

Seriously, I don’t know what to do. These are the things that come up when we try to get healthy and sometimes it’s not so easy to see the answer.

What would you do???

11 thoughts on “Be a good mom or be good to myself?

  1. Go to zumba. Unless your kids are really, really little, they can certainly make their own posters. Let them sink or swim on their own. That’s what my parents did and I quickly learned to swim 🙂 !

  2. Zumba! They are old enough to do their own schoolwork, ESPECIALLY the 17-year-old with it due tomorrow (I suspect it wasn’t just assigned today . . . ). Have fun!

  3. I’d get them started, and go to Zumba, then come home and see where you can help your son out. Your daughter’s can wait since she has time. 🙂 And you’ll feel good going to zumba!

  4. Now I am wondering what you did. Like most of the peeps who answered I too believe you should go to zumba. Also, being good to yourself is also part of being a good mom. 😀

  5. I WENT TO ZUMBA!!! And it darn-near killed me, in a good way of course!! Thanks everyone for your help!! You guys are the best. 🙂 (oh, and the boy’s poster got finished without me – turns out he wanted to do it by himself anyway. The girl’s project is going to wait until the weekend.)

  6. Yay! I came back to see what people advised you–I abstained because you know, not being a mom and all that. I thought the same as what many of the commenters said,and I had another thought. Borrowing from W.W., you need to reframe that thought. Going to zumba does not make you a bad mom. And that’s all I’m going to say about that 🙂

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