Hey Howdy Hey!

It’s been a week and my sit-stand workstation and I are still going strong! I love this thing so much, you don’t even know. It really breaks up the monotony of the day and I actually find it easier to do my actual work while standing. Who knew?!

As some of you suggested, I’ve been alternating sitting with standing usually every hour but sometimes even every half hour. I got a cushioned mat to stand on AND I bought the cutest pair of Sketchers with memory foam in them and WOW what a difference that makes!

My boss just can’t understand why I would want something like this. He said “that just does not look comfortable to me at all!!” and then he said “I just don’t want to stand that much”. Hmmm…and why are you over 300 pounds with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and taking heart medication again? Oh yeah, THAT’S WHY. I have a whole ‘nother post about my boss forming in my head but I’ll save that for a later date.

As far as my weight goes, I was helped along in my efforts by an ugly stomach bug that hit me Thursday night. All three of my kids have had it too, only my husband was spared (not sure how he kept from getting it). I’m sitting at an unofficial weight of 189 today and I’m chasing 188 pretty hard. After the bug, I was down to 186 but I knew my weight would go back up once my appetite came back so I wasn’t putting those eggs in my basket just yet. I’m hoping to stay under 190 though and maybe I can hit a true weigh in of 188 officially in a few days.

Why is 188 so special you may ask? Because it marks a ten pound weight loss for me – right after Christmas last year I weighed in at 198 which is my highest weight ever (both in the pregnant and non-pregnant categories). I started working with Selvera right after that and my official Selvera weigh in is 197 (197.7 maybe?). If you had told me then that it would take me a year to lose ten pounds, I would have said “pass the Cheetos because why bother?” but in working with my coach Amanda (my goodness that woman deserves a medal for sticking with me!!!) I have realized that my biggest obstacles are my habits. I know how to eat healthy (most days), I know how to exercise (sorta), but what I didn’t know how to do was break some very deeply ingrained bad habits. Anyone who says it takes 21 days to break a habit is full of…beans (as my grandpa would say)!! So over the last 9-ish months I’ve been working with Amanda to not only making healthier choices, but to break bad habits and integrate new, better ones. I’ve come a long way, baby, but I still have a long way to go. Getting to 188 is one small step in the right direction.

Guess that’s all that’s new around here. Have a great day and if you have any questions about my standing work station or about Selvera or my cute new shoes feel free to ask!! I’m more than happy to answer. 🙂