Stand Up!

*sniff sniff* It's just so beautiful!
*sniff sniff* It’s just so beautiful!

It’s here! It’s here!

I finally got my Ergotron Sit-Stand workstation put together over the weekend so it was ready and waiting for me when I came in to work this morning. And when I say I put it together, what I really mean is, I watched my husband put it together for me. He had to use a very loud saw to cut a square out of the metal from the back of my desk so he could clamp the arm down, and then he put the rest of it together while I did useful things like spill water all over my desk and knock screws off on to the floor. But eventually, Ricky and Lucy got the thing together and I LOVE IT. I’ve never been so excited to just stand before.

But hey, guess what? Standing is hard, yo! I knew I’d have to get used to standing and it would take some transitioning but I didn’t realize how hard it is to just…stand. I’ve been shifting back and forth and swaying and yes I’ll admit it: I’ve done a little dancing as well as I’ve typed up this post, but the urge to sit is great with this one. I’m wondering if I need to get some sort of cushioned pad to stand on since right now I’m standing on hard ceramic tile. I’m wearing my Orthaheel flip flops, so I have some good arch/foot support, but I can tell I’m going to need more. Guess I’ll just have to go shoe shopping – that really hurts my feelings <sarcasm font>.

Remind me in a couple of weeks to do an update on how it’s going with the work station. So far I’ve been standing for an hour and 40 minutes – anyone wanna take bets on when I have to finally sit down? I’m going to try and stand until lunch (I go to lunch in an hour and a half, so it’s not that much longer really) and then we’ll see how it goes this afternoon. I might alternate standing and sitting every hour until I can get used to standing all day.

I have a friend who recently got a workstation like mine and she said the biggest change she noticed was the she felt more mental clarity throughout the day and she didn’t get that mid afternoon slump anymore, which is right in line with some of the research (ie reading reviews) I’ve been doing lately. I’ll take a little more mental clarity any day!!

I know there are a lot of physical benefits to not sitting, and I can already tell that I’m engaging my quads more as well as my abs AND I just tried it out and YES I CAN DO SQUATS AT MY DESK NOW!! Jeez I’m going to be so shredded and ripped and muscle-y you won’t even be able to handle me. Okay, maybe not, but surely I’ll reap whatever benefits there are to not sitting for 8 solid hours every day.

Okay, gotta get busy with work. I’ll do some squats for you today as I process my work orders.



12 thoughts on “Stand Up!

  1. I would suggest having someone take pictures of you, several times, so you can check your positioning and posture and alignment as you stand. Because you don’t want to be hunching forward or slumping or putting stress on your lower back. So probably pictures from every angle. This is going to sound weird, but if I were doing that at home, I would want a mirror to check my alignment from the side until I got used to it and could “tell” where my shoulders, neck, back, hips, knees were. They make VERY supportive pads for cashiers who stand all day.

    I also think it might be smart to alternate standing and sitting every hour as you mentioned and NOT have a goal to stand for long periods of time. Moderation of both positions sounds smart to me.

  2. Reading this made me remember how I would actually prefer standing at work a lot of times. (and then I would prefer to sit 🙂 ) And yes, they got those little pads for us to stand on at work, and I could not believe what a tremendous difference they made.

    Squats at your desk? That is not anything I would be even saying out loud! I hate squats.

    And now, with my back and my knee, I find standing still very unpleasant. Even walking slow is not enjoyable. Walking fast is much better. Oh, but that’s not enjoyable any more either 🙂 Aren’t you glad that I came over to share with you this morning?

  3. Do take pictures both to check your posture and for your readers. This is a great thing to do for your health but I am sure there is going to be an adjustment period. I think I would stand some then sit some go back n forth. Oh what do your fellow co-workers think of this? I’ll be looking forward to your update.

  4. Ooo nice! You’l definitely notice benefits! I read somewhere that sitting actually stretched out our fat cells in our backsides and makes them even BIGGER, so you should start slimming down physically, even without the scale moving. Theoretically, but hey, anything that works, right? I need this in my office too! I tried typing on my treadmill, and I got carsick… treadmill sick? So, maybe just standing…

  5. I’d definitely get a padded mat (like the kind they sell for in front of your kitchen sink). And yes, alternate standing with sitting. I don’t think you are meant to stand all day long.

      1. It is awesome in a freakish kind of way. I think I would get to the point where I would be fine on it/moving and then sort of reverse seasick when I was off it/still.

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