Sleepy weekend

Hey Tribe! 

Happy Labor Day to my US friends and to those of you not in the US, Happy Monday! I’m blogging from home today on my new lightning-fast home computer. The old one finally gave up the ghost and we bought this beauty a couple of weeks ago. It’s so shiny and new!! I love that new electronic gadget smell. 🙂

The word of the weekend has been SLEEP. I must have been a lot more tired and run down than I realized because pretty much all I’ve done for the last 2 days is sleep and nap and cat-nap and sleep some more. Today I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed – something I have not done in quite some time. At first I felt guilty for all the sleeping, because I had so many things I wanted to get done this weekend but then I realized that my body must have needed the rest and I should probably listen to my body and just deal with it. I’m thankful for this long weekend with nothing planned in which I could grant my body its deepest wish! Sometimes you just have to let go and listen to what your body is telling you. 

Food this weekend has been about 50/50. I’ve eaten things that were off plan, and I’ve eaten things that were right in line with my plan…I’m tired of looking at food as good or bad…it’s just food. So the things I’ve eaten that weren’t on my plan…well…I acknowledged it, I owned it, and I moved on (after realizing how cruddy those foods make me feel). I’m back in the game today and happy to be there. 

Which reminds me, I totally forgot to do a Selvera Week 3 check in! It’s still going well actually! I got down to 190.5 a few days ago and haven’t been back on the scale since then (I’m certain I’m up a couple of pounds due this weekend’s over-indulgences and lack of activity). I’m expecting a new box of goodies tomorrow and I’ll wrap up week 4 in a couple of days. 

This long weekend is going to be the last activity-free weekend I have for awhile. This week is already filled with kids’ activities and it will continue on until probably late October. I’m just so freaking happy that my youngest isn’t doing cheer again this year – letting go of that activity has been the best decision we’ve made. It was just way more stressful and drama-filled than a grade school cheerleading squad should be (yep that’s right, it was ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. And so ridiculously rigid in their rules – it wasn’t fun for anyone). I’m actually looking forward to this fall’s activities and cooler weather (assuming it ever gets here). 

Well, the dryer just buzzed at me so I should probably go attend to it. I hope you all have a lovely day off and if you are working today, hang in there! 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Sleepy weekend

  1. Isn’t it funny what our body will tell us if we will just listen? I am only learning this just now. Oh well, better late than never… glad you had a good weekend! Plus, YAY on the weight loss!!

  2. I thought of you today as I wrote this – I am Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, graduation (2015) gift shopping, BIG TIME, actively working to get it all done, and because I am doing it now, things are in stock, prices are good, and it is, very, very fun.

    Aren’t you one of the ones who sort of freaks out at holiday time, every year?

    1. Haha!! Yeah, it’s probably me. I actually have a plan to get started early this year because I refuse to dread the season again. I’m going to start shopping in the next couple of weeks AND I’m scaling back on the number of gifts as well. Trying to focus on very good quality gifts that my kids will actually use instead of the frivolous toys they see on some commercial (this mainly applies to my 9 year old daughter).

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