Today completes one full week on the Selvera Meal Program. I’ve stuck to it pretty faithfully and feel like I have a pretty good handle on the plan now. It’s very simple and I don’t have to put a lot of thought into it which is nice, and weirdly, I’ve also noticed that I’m not spending as much at the grocery store now – I used to buy a lot of yogurt I guess! I don’t feel as hungry all the time as I did before, although it took 4 full days to get used to the smaller portions. My body seems to finally have adjusted to the high protein/high fiber foods and I’m trucking along pretty well now. 

I’ve been doing walking intervals on my treadmill most mornings for about a half hour – I’m aiming to add in some strength training exercises too, but honestly haven’t accomplished much in that area. By the time I finish with my walk, I’ve usually forgotten about the strength training. Maybe I need to drink my coffee before my workout to wake up my foggy brain? 🙂

Last Wednesday I weighed in at 195.5 and this morning I weighed in at 192.9. So about 2.5 pounds lost for the week. Not bad. I’m sure that at least 2 pounds of that was probably water weight, but I’m taking that half pound as actual fat lost. Hey, I worked hard for that half pound! Hopefully anymore weight that I lose will be actual fat from here on out. 

I’ve tried all the foods now in my 2 week supply and most of them I really like. I’m still not sold on the butterscotch pudding, although I did remember to make it ahead of time yesterday and set it in the freezer (with the intention of just leaving it in there for a few mintues). Well an hour later I remembered I put it in there and it was very pudding pop-like! It was still just okay for me, but I liked that it took me a long time to eat it – I like being able to eat slowly and savor my foods. I made my smoothie ahead of time and put it in the freezer overnight, then took it with me to work the next day. By the afternoon, it was thawed but still crystal-y and chunky, and OH MY YES, it was tasty! Good stuff indeed! 

Now I’m on to Week 2. I’d like to lose another 2 pounds (3 would be awesome) and maybe since I’m well into the groove now, that will happen. *fingers crossed*


One final thought: reach out to someone who might need help this week. Even if they act like everything is fine, trust your instincts – a hug or a kind word might mean all the difference.